Liquid Love

Was doing some research on cocktail recipe ideas for an upcoming dinner party and stumbled upon some enticing new recipes, sexy alcohol packaging and innovative gadgets that would get any host tipsy with excitement!

Check out an alcoholic’s wish list – *points to self.

Whiskey Stones – “More gentle than ice, Whiskey Stones can be used to cool down your favorite spirits just enough to take the edge off without “closing down” the flavors”.

Add to cart please!


Spike Lee designs Absolut Brooklyn Bottle

Beer Savers – first silicone bottle cap charm for beer bottles designed to help keep beer fresh after opening and help identity one from the other. FINALLY!




Pavé is the first and only liqueur distilled with over 500 carats of the world’s finest genuine diamonds examined and hand-picked by experts.


Cucumber Gimlet recipe

(makes one drink)
11/2 limes, squeezed
1/2 cucumber, seeded, chopped (about 1c, enough for 2 drinks)
2 oz gin
11/2 oz simple syrup
ice cubes

Diesel Sweeties pixel skulls silkscreened on glossy black shot glasses (USD7.99 @ Diesel Sweeties Store)


Watermelon Saké Popsicles. Easy peasy! Check out the full instructions here.

1 cup granulated sugar (or less, according to sweetness of fruit)
4 lbs. seedless watermelon, cubed
Pinch of salt
1 cup unfiltered saké
2 fresh-squeezed limes


When art, beer and music meets! Check out the video. Yes its a marketing effort by Becks but it is truly inspiring.

[Vimeo 13149347]

Limited edition Absolut Art of Sharing pitchers. Check out the entire range here


Homemade infusions! A great insightful article on nytimes


Dirty Mojito by the ever talented crumpets & cakes

Good ol’ Sailor Vodka – talk about a collectors item!

Did someone ask for a shot of tequila?

Nola Style Bloody Mary recipe is a lil tricky to master seeing that its pretty complicated but I just couldn’t help myself. Worth a try!


Pompei flaming garnish. The BB’s & iPhones will be snapping up pics all night!

Odds and Ends Coasters spotting some sexy typography. Perfect for any gathering! Only USD15 for a set of 4 at tubgin.


Leather beer pouch. What every girl needs. Well, this girl anyway 😉


Now that’s an idea! Recycle old wine bottles into a wine coffee table.





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