1Malaysia: Contained destruction

I would like to thank MoodMooks for sharing the video attached to this post.

Educated & Eradicate.

My dear family,

Having been back in Malaysia for the past 2 years, I have growing concerns on how unsafe it has become. Contrary to popular belief, the sense of danger I experience is not stemmed from robbery, rape or the rise in crime – although still a concern nonetheless.

I am more at threat by racial unrest, political brainwash, corruption and blatant executions and attacks under Malay ruling – in the name of peace and unity now dubbed “1Malaysia”.

When I leave next year, I will return to a better life and for this, I am ever so thankful to Dad for taking the time, money and effort to provide a new beginning for us. In light of this, granted we have taken refuge overseas, its inevitable that we leave behind loved ones, family and friends in this nation we once called home (and still do for sentimental reasons). They however, will have to continue living in this worsening state.

It is an irony how much of the tax payers money has gone into such campaigns as Wawasan 2020 and 1Malaysia to give Malaysians the false sense of unity. Or perhaps, to fool outsiders into buying into an orchestrated and staged patriotism.

Today is Malaysian Day. A new public holiday, first of its kind since the launch of 1Malaysia. If one is to probe such a facade, one might consider this as one of the government’s attempt to divert attention to its failure in governing this nation over the past 2 years.  eg. the “mysterious” death of Tan Beng Hock which was ruled as “suicide”, fanatic Muslims throwing cow heads into Indian temples/bombing churches, military bombs used to blow up a young lady in ties with Najib and so on.

I’ve taken the risk to post this video up on facebook, because I feel that it is important to educate the public and eradicate a bullying government stemmed by fear & racism. This video might not make an impact but it will certainly open up discussions that’s been oppressed to feed the greedy and leave the hungry starving.

Please spread it to your friends. To be on the safe side, send this from an obscure account without your full name. If you choose not to share this, its fine by me, as long as you watch it and are aware of what is happening back here in Malaysia.

Much love,



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