Everything iPad

Yes I’m guilty of being the latest sadistic statistic to the world wide phenomenon of the iPad. Take it from the girl who fell asleep with it in her arms one night, woke up the next day feeling rather content. Reminiscent of a drunken night out, waking up next to a gorgeous stranger in a “woah….what the? oh right. Ahhhhh”.

Felt like rolling over and lighting a cigarette.

Don’t judge.

So anyway, here are some pictures I stumbled upon when I was researching for some iPad culture, covers, docks, gadgets….etc. Is it any wonder what other kind of creative genius inventions and nonsense creations people will come up with to complete their iPad experience? Here’s hoping the sky is the limit!

Merging two pockets (1 iPhone and iTouch in one butt check each) into one massive mother of a pocket!

Reading  your vows from an iPad under a gazebo….sounds like lyrics to a modern country rock song.

Speaking of rock, perhaps he should have saved the time, money and effort creating this gadget for a haircut. Actually, I can just snip off that strand and he can spend the rest of the money saved on new hair and a printer for his resume.

Would have worked nicely if he had an image of a bling pendant around his neck. So gangstah.

Someone from Apple must be sick of people complaining about the lack of a camera.

Worth a try but so not carry-on friendly.

I think it is rather unnerving that a RM3,000 piece of machinery is balanced on a 15¢ door-stop-tampon-looking- rubber-piece of whatever you call that.

Potato couch meets iPad pillow

Oprah, don’t try this at home.

My iPad is bigger and better than your Blackberry.

Because everyone wants to stand over the kitchen counter to surf.

A funny take on the popular debate that the iPad is just a smaller and less functional laptop.



Boss…I need a new office desktop that looks like an iPad but…yeah actually it is.

DJ booth on the go. Mad cool.

I reckon I should make my own iPad sleeve too. Save the money for some apps.

D.I.Y iPad arcade dock!

Just in case you wanna shower or go swimming with it. Why wouldn’t you? After all, you’ve slept with it.

James Bond has an iPad.

Jokes aside, this iPad stand is a great tool for medical purposes and also laziness. Then again, medicine can only cure so much. If you’re lazy, you’re pretty much on your own.

Egg like dock.

You know what mum said…if you play too much with it you’ll go blind and look like this.

Every journalists and serial jet-setter must have vest for essentials…

Hey look, its a “LOOK AT ME!” t-shirt.

That’s cute. Have to admit, made me want to walk into ToysR’us to get a Lego cable holder guy.

Surf and skate on your iPad.

A rather simple but out of the box iPad holder.

A hacked iPad Macintosh from the 80’s!

What every bachelor pad needs.

Beer rationing iPad.

Travel friendly iPad dock.

A different type of Pad in the shape of a sleeve.

Tech it up!

Someone has too much wood and time on their hands.


If you don’t get this sexual connotation please close this window.

iPad on a wall? But why???

Another home made iPad standee apparently made fresh from the garden.

iPad is a great solution for little people.

Here’s the grand finale! The ultimate Gold iPad casing.

Adorned with solid pieces of 22ct gold, which weigh in at 2.1kg, you can have your iPad blinged up for only $269,000.  Expect to see such tasteless tycoons like Donald Trump to be flashing one of these around.





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  1. […] impatient child within me snapped one up about 3 months ago. Could have bought myself a nice little iPad cover with the extra savings if I waited out. […]

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