Why so serious?
I don’t know how I got from being in a state of excitement to obsession but it started with some stamps and erupted within a mere month into a living monster. Before I knew it, I had boxes filled with stickers, tapes, stamps, notebooks, colored pens, ink blocks and the list trundles on.  Suddenly the box I allocated for my all-consuming leisure pursuit became grossly inadequate! It now occupies three medium sized boxes, one Moleskine Surprise Box and one mother of a fire-proof metal box (its literally a full sized tool box)! 

I can’t quite describe the absolute joy I experience when I create something out of a collage of crafts. To see it slowly come together from one idea is invigorating to my soul. It sparks within me a sense of excitement to break away from monotony and is truly the one diversion that unwinds me after a stressful day/week.

M took some pictures of me over the weekend when I was making a card for a friend
out of a plain brown envelope and stamps. I was amused by my various facial expressions.
I sure didn’t look like I was enjoying myself!
I had no idea I looked so serious at that time; like I was pissy, irked
and immersed in deep concentration but ultimately I do feel quite childlike with my crafts.
I’ve turned my room into a A&C room – for a quick escape and respite.
So anyway, yadda yadda yadda…. moving on!
PHOTO JOURNAL : Visual bank

Since coming to own the Diana Instant Back and learning its various features and tricks, I decided to start documenting the test shots. So I decided to devise a Photo Journal out of a Moleskine notebook to store pieces of my exploration and experimentation.
And yes I couldn’t help but decorate the edge of the book with MT Tapes. Its essential, like adding trimmings to a dish, it completes it visually.

The felt sticker of a gramophone is totally irrelevant. I just liked the texture and the color against the maroon. Alphabet stickers from KIKKI.K
Placed an Ikea brown paper bag (xmas edition) to hold loose polaroids and negatives
that I’ve yet to deposit in the notebook. I bought some photo corner tabs from Melbourne to
hold them in place without damaging the films and polaroids. I haven’t yet, but I do intend to start jolting down notes around it with some icon tabs for the different features used (eg. Lighting, Portrait, flash mode and so on)
And yes its official, I am obsessed with MT Tapes. Guilty!
Cutting & ripping polaroids can be tricky because you risk damaging the ink
and ultimately what preserves the photo. So as a precaution,
I decided to tape the sides together with my beloved patterned tapes without covering up the rip effect.
Cos honestly, whats the point? Might as well not have ripped it in the first place yes?
*Answer is “Yes Tersh. Aptly applied and totally justifies your obsession with MT tapes”


  1. zaftiq · · Reply

    Yeah, I always look pissy when I’m concentrating. I have to explain to people that I’m not upset, that’s simply my ‘neutral’ face.

    Love the test shots! I’ve been longing for a diana, though I do have other lomo cameras.

  2. Hi Zafiq,

    Totally right?? “Stop frowning. Why do you look so stressed?” yadda yadda yadda. They don’t get that we’re just immersed doing something we enjoy.

    Lomo cameras are way cool. But I don’t get to experiment with them as often as I’d like. Its like, I go on a rampage to get the accessories and learn up on the cams and then life happens and I’m stressing at work.
    Oh bugger. Maybe I’ll pick it up again this weekend!

    What other Lomo’s do u have?


  3. zaftiq · · Reply

    Oh, I know! Generally my response is “Well, I was fine until you asked me what was bugging me…”

    Well, out of the seven cameras I own, I have two lomos: an original fisheye and one that takes four separate pictures on one 35mm negative. They’re my babies, but you’re right, I don’t have a whole lot of time (or money) to shoot on film.

    I’ve become a slave to my digitals, but I like to take them into photoshop and make them look as if I had shot them with a fancy toy camera. There’s some sort of irony in there somewhere, but it’s something I started doing in college studying photography.

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