Craft Session @ 56.2
Karen came over the other day after work and joined me for an arts and craft session over beer and Twisties. Just good ol’ constructive stationary venting to bond and de-stress from work.
One main craft I focused on that day was the MT Tape a friend gave for xmas. MT Tapes are specialized patterned like masking tapes (hence ‘MT’) only available in Japan, unfortunately. Cziplee should totally bring it in. *hint hint!
Amongst the variety of tapes, there were a few traditional Japanese patterned ones. The quality is amazing. If you make a mistake, 30 seconds leeway allows one to remove it without causing much damage on the surface.
You could use it to label or attach notes and pictures to your books. I particularly delight in taping the sides of the pages to add some character and design element.
Also, its great as decorative dividers within the pages.
The possibilities of MT tapes are endless. Use it to tape stuff on your wall (peel free), on your fridge, to wrap presents, make customized cards, on your stationary, to decorate plain wooden pegs…etc.
It did bulk up my notebook but it was absolutely fun watching it “grow”. The mixture of colors, patterns and texture is not only aesthetically pleasing but it helps me section and identify pages easily ; color and pattern identification, very much like a tabbing process.
Honestly can’t get enough of it. Once you start, it’s going to take a while to stop.
T.r.u.s.t M.e

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