D.I.Y quick jolt hack

Moleskine Hack for 2010
Sometime last November I popped by Cziplee in Bangsar hoping to catch a glimpse of the Moleskine Surprise Box. It wasn’t in yet so M and I as usual, oogled at the collection of Moleskine on display. The guy behind the counter, familiar with our frequent and erratic drop ins, told us that he was trying to get rid of outdated 2009 planners. When I asked how much the mini red weekly planner was going for, he shrugged and said “I can’t put a price on it. Here, you can have it.” At which point, my jaw dropped and I gladly (shamelessly more like) took it off his hands. I mean, yaknow, poor guy was burden with it. What was I to do? :p
But hey, who wants an outdated planner right? I wrecked my brains trying to figure out what to do with it. “I could use it as an album for my polaroids. It’ll cover the dates!” I shrieked excitedly at M while waving the planner in her face. “Or! OR! I could just black out the dates and customize it!” M just looked at me amusingly with the kind of wonder that goes…”Omg. Has she gone nuts?”. Why she didn’t grab the book and smack it across my face is beyond me.
I had all these ideas but nothing sat quite right with me. I already had a collection of Moleskine’s so why have another off the rack (and outdated) notebook? So I let it sit on my shelf with the rest of my Moleskine collection, occasionally picking it up, flipping through it and placing it back. I’m just visual and kinetic that way.
It wasn’t till a week ago I picked it up and gave it some serious thought. Like veins popping out at my temple kinda serious deliberation. I took a deep breath and decided there was no other way around it. Either I do something rather drastic with it or it’ll continue to sit idle. So I ripped the pages out. Oh man did it hurt to yank at the seams but almost instantly, I  was filled with a surge of adrenalin one can only describe as Moleskine rush…..suddenly my body felt numb, my hands started to tremble and a Moleskine deity ascended from the Mini Planner and all I saw was a screen of luminous white light beckoning me. Haha okay seriously I love Moleskine but I’m not an imbecilic Bollywood drama mama!
Anyway, one thing led to another and before I knew it, I created a hack. I’m sure I’m not the first to have thought of this but it was definitely a first for me. Subsequently, this is what eventuated…..
I clipped on some cheap paper I tore from kids excercise books for note taking. You can buy them at Cziplees for as low as 50cents each book (up to about 80 pages!)
– of course, one could use recycled paper too.
I used the metal paper clip holder to hold down the pages, it comes in 4 sizes and a myriad of colors so its totally customizable to the look and feel of any notebook for the matter.
I loop the pages back against the clip’s metal handle when I’m done with a page, it makes it easier to continue writing without holding the page(s) up, somewhat like a reporter/journalist notepad. The inner lining was a lil unsightly from the whole ripping massacre so I lined it with Bambi patterned paper I printed from the internet with a unique fabric sticky tape I bought from Melbourne.
I also managed to find a handy little stationary to go with it; a mini white “Zebra” pen that extends full length when I pull it out. It latches nicely onto the middle part of the Moleskine. A perfect fit. I bought it at Cziplee as well. All in all the hack cost me about RM20.
I now use this Moleskine hack as a note taking pad, mostly for jolting down quick notes during meetings. Whats great about it is that I can then place the used notes into the side pocket to keep for reference and discard them once I transfer the notes onto my regular Moleskine. This allows me to filter through the important details. Once I run out, I just rip out more pages from the cheap exercise books to refill. I bring it out with me everyday instead of my regular Moleskine notebook cos of its size. Its rather convenient to just chuck it into my handbag without feeling its weight.
So there you go, my new Moleskine hack! Thanks to Cziplee, it kept me busy for a good hour or so & I now have a new stationary gadget that makes life a whole lot easier every single day!
*flashes Darlie smile with an over enthusiastic thumbs up*

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