Lei Lomo

Snippets from Lomo Session
So last Saturday night we met up @ Lola’s for our long awaited Lomo session.
Well, I was the only one waiting on it, the rest just got looped in unsuspectingly. Good thing Mel initiated and Lola agreed to play host! Granted the session lasted a whole hour, we stayed till 4 am and finished 5 bottles of wine. *hic
First time @ Lola’s new place with our Lomos. Very basic, modern and simple. Lovely.
Looking back, I should have taken some shots of her
beautifully decorated home. I was just too carried away on film that I neglected my digital cam.
Here’s a line up “mug shot” of our Lomo & Fuji cams according to height.
Its pretty amazing. We were so enraptured laying them out that
one of the camera bag got misplaced on a lit candle and caught on fire!
Hence that wet patch on the orange place mat. Don’t worry….
…no camera’s were harmed during the shoot.
Here’s the concluding shot: Anna lashing out at our cameras with a cheese knife
for feeling let out of the Lomo mob.
Stick & stones may break my bones
but my Lomo will never hurt me! 

Here’s a collection of polaroid shots taken that night with our Diana Instant Back & Fuji Instax.
*It was pretty much our first time so the pics were totally a product of trial and error!
Photos courtesy of Mel 🙂


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