It started over drinks….

The Lomo Revival 01.10

It all started 3 months ago when Kareen brought a Polaroid camera out during wine night.
3 months later, I have 3 new Lomo’s to the collection, with accessories to match!
The collection is growing so fast, I’m running out of space on my shelf.

Lately I’ve been spending most of my time with a particular camera.
Meet the Diana F+ Edelweiss that I got from Michelle for xmas 🙂

She also got me the Diana Back add on that transforms the Diana
into a polaroid camera!

Here’s the latest addition to my Diana accessory –
the Lomo Ringflash! *When I’m behind the camera, you can call me Ringmaster.

It’s one of the most awesome flash accessories out there
and clips on beautifully to my Diana.

If you want to do without the color mash flash (though I can’t imagine why one wouldn’t want to go off one’s rocker with the mad ass features), just leave it as it is and the circular flash feature ensures even lighting without the risk of overexposure. Aesthetically, this son of a flasher adds to the vintage feel of the Diana.

It came with 4 interchangeable rings, color slides that you can slot into the flash bulbs
located on the 4 point clock rotation (1, 3, 6 & 9) and attachment slots
for different cameras from the Lomo range including the beloved Fisheye.

Lola was also kind enough to give me a Fuji Instax 7 during our Lomo Session last night. Which is totally the doing of Law of Attraction! I was going to get one for myself but Lola’s gift came in the nick of time. Thanks darl 🙂

Took some experimental shots with it and stuck one of them up
on the shell of our clustered fridge.

Experimental color flash

I placed one of the color slides (green) that came with the Ringflash on the Fuji Instax 7 Polaroid camera and it worked beautifully! Tho you’d have to be in a pretty dark area to fully see the color flash effect.

Experimental Polaroid rip effect (taken with Diana Instant Back)

I also ripped the white bar off some of the less appealing shots to give it a unrefined and unprocessed look. It was like ripping RM3 – literally! (When it costs that much in a click of a finger, one tends to over think the shot) So when pictures don’t turn out well, best you just try to figure out an alternative usage for it. Like say, as a stabler at the bottom of a table leg.  I must say, I L.O.VE the raw and washed out look. Perfect for scrapbooking.

This lingering passion is definitely here to stay, so watch out unsuspecting friends and innocent pedestrians; I’m coming at you and shooting without apology. Now if only the good people at Polaroid can make some cheaper instant films. Creative Director Lady Gaga, here’s counting on you!



  1. Marcucio · · Reply

    Man! I’ve got the same Edelweiss Diana+

    1. Oh really? I’m struggling with the technical functions! Do you have any test shots uploaded on your blog? If you do kindly share the link. I need to get inspired to start snapping away on it. Right now I’m slightly intimidated….

  2. […] –  my favorite so far is Hipstamatic. Additionally, I’ve  been fiddling around with my Diana Edelweiss – though finding it quite challenging what with all the different technical features. […]

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