Meet Nico!

Pre-post entry: 7.01.10

Penny & Anna bought me a Nico Digi for my birthday and I am absolutely LOVING it. This tiny little thing has the same feel of a traditional film camera, tho it doesn’t use film. Its digital but you can’t preview it – (Pardon me for the lack of intelligible words, a little knackered from all the traveling).

It’s pretty tiny and perfect to carry around along with my digi cam without weighing down my handbag. Will be bringing Nico with me on all my travels from now on! I can’t wait to test it out in the sunlight (I received it today so I didn’t quite get a chance to meddle with it), but this is a preview of the indoor shots @ home and @ work.


Updated entry: 10.01.10 Here’s the latest from my trip in Penang. Not being able to view the shots in real time like your usual digital camera, certainly adds to the anticipation of “developing” the images via USB! Pleasantly surprised with the results. Of course its nothing to shout about in comparison to my 12.1 mp Canon but for something this tiny, it really packs quite a punch!

What I learned: Outdoor shots when its cloudy, doesn’t turn out as vibrant. Tends to be blurry when hands are shaky – no stabilizer. But that’s where the fun begins – the element of mystery. I love the fencing shot and barb wires against the cloudy sky.

Indoor shots of Mich and Anna.

I must say the quality is relatively good considering there’s no flash feature. The viewfinder is microscopic so its a little tricky to peer into it to crop and capture. I say, do the Lomo thing and just point and shoot! Use your imagination and visualize the cropping instead of relying on the viewfinder 🙂

The pictures I uploaded so far is in small format so I uploaded the rest in different sizes so you can gauge the quality. As you can tell, the quality is still good when blown up, albeit a tad pixelated.

I had to crouch on the ground to get this but totally worth it!

If you squint close enough, you’ll see that part of the edges blurs off. Soft corners

and a sharp centre.

One of my favorite shots so far. The contrast of colors, the partial blurry effect around the edges makes Nico Digi a gem of a lil gadget to have!


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