D.I.Y organizers

More + Moleskine + Hacks 
Here’s a collection of hacks I did in one day – along with the felt pen holder.
1. My ex-boss bought me a bunch of arrow tabs from Muji in Japan and I decided to make good use of it by attaching it onto the back front cover of my Moleskine. I attached the relevant stickers to the tabs for reference and attached the new tabs next to it. Then when I need to tab relevant notes, I extract one of the arrows and place them by the edge of the page under the following categories:
Pink: Holiday/Travel
Orange: To Do
Yellow: Events
Green: Expenses
Blue: Ideas/ Happy Thoughts
I also use post-its for temp notes so I can move them about from page to page as I go along or remove them entirely when the notes are outdated. As the tabs can be moved and removed easily, I can change the color and labels for each tab as I progress. Its great because they don’t leave any marks whatsoever and its sticky enough to use up to 5 times over!
 One great thing about not having a lined notebook is that it is non restrictive.
Free flow, wing it!
 Notice the arrow tabs at the edge of the page
for the purpose of categorizing and convenient page flipping
eg. If I want to flip quickly to the “Holiday/Travel” section, I simply have to refer to
the Pink tab(s).
2. As part of another feature of my notebook, I placed a photo frame within the back page of the hard cover (because its sturdier than a normal page).
The photo in the frame is interchangeable
– to accommodate my fleeting interests.
I kid I kid!
3. Talk about patience, I stamped numbers at the end of each page for easy referencing. For example, if I should want to continue and skip a few pages, I can write a short note “to be continued on page 72”.
 Total of 192 pages in my notebook.
4. Midway into the journal, I stuck on an envelope with double sided tape for extra storage. I do this because I might run out of storage space at the allocated back pocket of my Moleskine.
  I extracted a stamp from a postcard Michelle sent me from India and stuck it on the envelope (yes I’m a sentimental fool) and inked additional stamp chops over it for authencity.
Right now it holds some loose items like Moleskine stickers, ticket stubs and so on.
5. Remember that rip in my Moleskine? I decided to take action and stuck a brown maskin tape over it to hold the section together. For fun, I stamped on some embellishments to personalize it.
 I know it looks poorly stuck on but it works well and I
kinda like how it looks accidental and rustic.
6. Now you might be thinking, why am I sticking on the colored tabs AND post-its? Well, the post-its serves as note taking which aside from work,  I can use to write sporadic thoughts and place them randomly within the pages – a great suggestion from M. I also plan to use the post-its as reminders of Birthdays, quotes I pick up along the way, loose grocery items…etc. The possibilities are endless.
To make it more accessible, I stuck on a batch of post-its at the
back page by the pocket storage.
Its even got a plastic cover protector to prevent any dirt from getting onto the paper.
Where from? DAISO. How much? RM5. Score!
Well, that’s all for now. At the rate I’m going, its going to be well used way before end 2009! Okay I know, I need to slow down. Time to start jolting down some ideas, doodles and writings. *rubs palms*

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