And the Moleskine obsession continues….

Bambino Moleskine Hack : Pen holder

Yaknow, these Japanese, they come up with all them little innovative cutesy stuff you don’t need but buy anyway just because its so ridiculously winsome and thoughtful. I call these things stuff-you-didn’t-know-you-need. Good luck walking into DAISO and not spending a single cent. Will. Not. Happen!
Lame acronym of the day.
DAISO = Damn Aint It So Owsome 
*Awesome spelt deliberately as Owsome cos they can’t spell. No offense.

 Anyway, lameness aside. Here’s what I found.

I was browsing through the aisles at Daiso @ The Curve
and stumbled across this stretchy gutter band made of felt.

Originally meant to hold your lunch boxes and tupperwares together. 

It comes in 3 different packaging. Each with up to 3 large bands and 3 mini bands ranging from darker tones of black, maroon and red to bright pink, yellow and greens. I chose the safest range of darker tones.
Here’s a brown felt gutter band I used for color contrast.
Basically I just placed the gutter band through the Moleskine
and clipped a pen onto the band. I later discovered you can use the smaller bands
for the pocket sized notebooks too.
This is what it looks like from the side.
As you can see, its not very bulky and the pen holds on pretty well to the gutter band. If anything, it serves well to hold your notebook together, securing any lose notes or pieces of scraps you slot within the pages.
 Here’s what it looks like when you carry it about. It’s quite sturdy. The band is tight so there’s no way of it slipping off your notebook. Pretty handy and saves you the trouble of scrambling around your Doremon handbag for a pen when you need it.
If you’re anything like me and appreciate a variety of colored pens (especially when I travel), and want to carry more than one, here’s how it would look….
Surprisingly not bulky with up to 5 pen clipping onto the band!
So there you have it, a Moleskine pen holder.
No mess no fuss and I didn’t need to use any of those awful black maskin tape.
All for how much? RM5
Psst. The pens were a great steal too! Great quality from Daiso.
If you love stationary, its worth a gander.

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