Music muses


Kicked back and had one of the most relaxing Sundays, shut out the world within the clasps of my speaker headphones – listened to music, did some reading & writing. The following “Sunday Arvo” playlist contains some of my favorite stress diluting tunes.

1. Standing On The Shore – Empire Of The Sun
2. Sskin Deep – Beady Belle
3. Turn It Round Again – Alexkid
4. Parisian Twelve – Oceans Twelve OST
5. Higher Ground – Weekend Players
6. Hearing Damage – Thom Yorke
7. Stop Running Away (Feat. Deborah Anderson) – Télépopmusik
8. Man Over Bourbon Moon – Sting
9. Cosy in the Rocket – Psapp
10. Together In Electric Dreams – Lali Puna
11. Know How – Kings Of Convenience
12. Departures – Karminsky Experience
13. December Baby – Ingrid Michaelson
14. Your Heart Is An Empty Room – Death Cab For Cutie
15. La Mer Opale – Coralie Clement
16. Pagan Pretty by Bjork
17. Playground Love by AIR
18. Burning Up by Alpinestars
19. Summertime – Angélique Kidjo
20. Satellite Heart – Anya Marina
21. The Day (We Fell In Love) – Apploosa
22. Slow Like Honey – Fiona Apple
23. Beautiful Day (Banzai Republic) – Laidback
24. I Guess I’m Floating – M83

Kings of Convenience (Track 11) remains one of my all time favorite music to fall asleep to on the plane, on the sofa and anywhere with a soft breeze and soft padding. This song features Feist, a beautiful vocal marriage between the two.


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