Moleskine is in the eye of the Beholder

Presenting MOLESKINE surprise box for 2010

I woke up this morning, checked my Twitter and received news from cziplee saying “Arriving @cziplee tomorrow… Surprise Boxes! Book yours today! =)”

So you can imagine the exhilaration when I went to Bangsar, rang the bell & dashed passed the security detectors (yes the security there is top notch what with all the Moleskines laying around). I got myself the Creative surprise box for RM183,  picked one based on the appearance of the packaging, cuddled it to the cashier, mentioned “Twitter” and got a 10% discount, as promised! It came down to RM167 for 3 Moleskine items. NO.FREAKIN.WAY!

They say don’t judge a moleskine by its cover. Well, with the surprise box, there is definitely no judging or guessing whats in it! Psyched, I opened it there and then even before the Credit Card was approved. I then ogled, contained myself and went next door to Devis Corner and ogled some more. My box contained:
1 x Moleskine Desk Calender 2010 (aprox. RM90)
1 x Black Sketchbook for drawings and tempera colors. (aprox RM80)
1 x Set of 3 Plain Journals in a new navy blue color. (aprox RM60)

After lunch, Michelle decided that she too wanted to get a box for herself. Specifically, she chose the Moleskine Luxury surprise box which is the most expensive in the range but according to the Cziplee dude, is the most value for money, simply because the journal alone in the Luxury set costs over RM200 (Luxury Box after 10% discount is RM254.70).

So Michelle goes about picking what she deemed to be the most undamaged box, lifted two up and “whispered” to me in excitement “This one is SOOO much heavier!!” So guess which one we got? The heavier one of course! And true enough, when I opened the box (Michelle gave me the pleasure of doing so because I was giggling in anticipation), we were not disappointed!

The Luxury Surprise Box contained:
1 x Red color pocket-size Sketchbook for drawings and tempera colors (RM60)
1 x 2010 Martî Guixé Leather bound Diary (aprox. RM228)
1 x Soft cover ruled notebook (aprox. RM60)
*Not sure about the rest of the prices but the Journal alone is worth getting the Luxury box if you’re aiming for a 2010 planner!

All in, it is an extremely good deal. Not to mention the novelty of owning one of these limited editions Moleskine Surprise box exclusive to the Asian market! This definitely makes a great gift to any Moleskine enthusiast or writer meets journalist meets scrapbooker slash sketch artist. I have to say tho, the element of surprise can be quite addictive. I can’t imagine anyone buying the first box and not feel at all tempted to buy another one. Or then again, maybe its just me.

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