I’ve got a plain coaster and I’m not afraid to use it

Experiment 0:01

Lets get a little rustic, a little homey and make 
a double sided door sign using: 
– A plain coaster
– A canvas string
– A wooden clip

Its quite simple really, no cut outs necessary. I’ve always liked the uncomplicated designs and mechanics in things. Unless you can’t find an empty coaster to work on, try cutting one out of a thick cardboard, or glue on a circular wrapping paper if you’re feeling particularly raunchy.  I found mine, or rather, stole from a café somewhere near Convent Garden in London town. Would have taken a whole lot more if not for the waitress with the twitchy left eye.

The whole idea of this is just a decorative item to hang on your door. Be it in the middle of the door’s surface at eye-level point or strung on by the doorknob. I did it purely out of boredom love for a friend who’s about to move into a new place and just thought it might do nicely for her to mark her territory without piddling around.

So, strategically but not particularly wittily, I used my Dymo label maker and labeled “DO NOT DISTURB” on one side and “KAREEN” on the other. In restrospect, I should have done “F*@# Off” on one side or “THIS CRIB BE BOUNCIN’ SO DON’T COME A KNOCKIN’” on the other. But hey, better to be on the safe side. Not everyone appreciates crude and raw humor, especially if a certain elderly relative pops by – I’m just sayin’, a sharp eye and a weak heart might just place an otherwise vulgar door sign in Exhibit A of The Elderly vs Tercia. (I’ve been told I have a vivid imagination)

I’m going off tangent. As if some poor old lady will drop dead from reading some foul words on a door sign. They watch tv, they know the ugliness out there. I don’t have to shield them. So anyway….. attach the clip to the tip and loop the canvas string around it.

Here you have a simple door signage. Stamp a nice little emblem on a plain brown envelope and you have instant packaging. Slip the gift into the brown paper “bag” – you can buy it at Cziplee in Bangsar, a packet of 20 only costs RM1.20. It has a nice unvarnished countryfied feel to it. 

And there you have a totally legit looking homemade house warming gift for under RM2.30 – that won’t kill any frail old lady and if it does, well I’ll be damned!

*Murphy’s Law not included 

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