….by choice!

Yes, I resigned and am moving to greener & less tread on pastures – a signed document sees to it I leave behind a precious commodity, the Macbook S2000 (I added the digits and alphabets for effect). I’m gonna miss this damn machine. But not to worry, I’m getting the latest Mac come January and its going to be Legend – wait for it – dary! Oh gosh, the Moleskin Surprise Box AND a new Mac by January 2010. Wee-cad! – I’ve given the expression “Wicked” a new locution, at the risk of coming off like a farmer’s daughter in a boarding school. Yaknow, cos I’m so cool and all.

Seeing as I will be Macless for a good week before I head back to Melbourne, as today is officially my last day of employment at Delicious, I have decided to update my blog while I am able to. There’s loads to share where my change of job is concerned – conflicts and drama, tears and somewhat bitter sweet laughters. All in, I’ve decided I made the absolute right decision and look back with no regrets (aside from being Macless).

Anyway, these are some crafts I purchased recently and thought I’d share it with you before I part with the outside world till 4th January 2010, which ironically is my birthday and the first day of employment in my new tenure at Venus Buzz!

I thought it was totally unjustified how much it cost for the rub-ons but me being the sucker for such things, I bought it anyway and the only humorous comfort in it all (aside from paying good money for stuff that won’t even stick without effort of half my body weight kneading it in), is the little caption pre-warning that it May Become Addictive.

Got to hand it to them, at least they bothered to put a disclaimer, should I turn around millions of dollars later and send them a nasty lawsuit, having realized I have lost all my friends and built a house made of my rub-on collection. Aside from that, here are some gel stamps I bought. I’m not sure what the proper term is for them, I call them Gel Stamps quite simply because its made of this gel like material and its a stamp (obvious much?).

What you do is buy this glass base which is, surprise surprise, sold separately – but worth every penny!

The back of the gel stamp has an adhesive effect on all glass materials and once it latches itself onto the glass base, you have a wider and more steady grip on the stamp, making it easy to ink from an ink pad to the desired surface. The grid like feature on the block also gives you a better gauge on balance and positioning.

Some more Gel Stamps I bought.

I bought this set cos of the travel stamp design rather than
the flowery and sun-like ones. Honest!

Got to have at least ONE skull somewhere!

Here’s a gel stamp set/kit I bought for my plain page moleskin journal. This is so I can customize my own pages with a monthly calendar. It comes complete with other embellishments, all very useful aside from some tiny mini little gel stamps that says “Special Days”. A little too Jap cutesy for me.

Front of the kit

Back of the kit with full details

I did a few careless test chop on a little notebook from Muji and tho its not an impressive final product of what this baby is capable of, it does give a general  idea of how to use it. It comes with individual gels of digits ranging from 1 till 31 so you can customize the boxes. Tres cool.

Small and blotchy – first attampt

Disregard the random chops around it, I tend to turn into a space Nazi
when I’m chop happy with my new stamps.

I’ll upload nicer shots when I transfer this little experiment into a more permanent and purposeful base – yes this stamp thing means serious business to me! The excitement of starting off a new Moleskin journals is more than I can bare – and what better time to start when I am currently on break till my next employment!


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