Getting a kick out of Kikki-k

Getting a kick out of Kikki-k

Not long ago Michelle came back from Singapore bearing gifts. Some which consisted of a few lovely stationaries from an Australian brand called Kikki-k. It’s not your regular off the shelf off shore product with the crazy price tag, these pens are quite reasonably priced – depending how much you’re willing to pay for ink pens.

They are about 5 Sing$ each, converting to about RM12 for each pen. I have to say tho, the quality is great (tho nothing to shout about) and I love the cute funky designs. So really, one would be paying for the shell of the unique design driven pens. Reminds me a little of Smiggle.

On the topic of unique, Michelle bought an extremely miniscule thumb drive which I think is just adorable! Its tiny and so it should be – its sole purpose is portability. I guess it would make sense for people on the go, who travel often and need something small & handy which they can whip out as and when, no matter what speed they are traveling at. The only thing that might pose as a hinderance is the size itself. I would imagine looking for something this tiny in a handbag would be like searching for a needle in a haystack!

The mini thumb drive comes in a little soft rubber sleeve.

Look how tiny it is for something that packs a 4GB punch!

Slots in easily to any USB port and takes up
half the slot! What a nifty lil thing.

Makes for a great gift if you don’t really know what to get for a friend and I can’t see how one would go wrong with a memory stick this cute!

*Kingmax is available @ Digital Mall Petaling Jaya for RM35.

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