Obviously have too much time on my hands.

Moleskine Quote 01

My passion for scrap booking & note taking on my Moleskine has returned with fanaticism to the point of sober bankruptcy! I have spent a good RM500 on crafts in less than 10 days (that’s equivalent to 6 bottles of non-turpentine-ish wine @ Vintry). I’d rather spend it on crafts to be honest, as I’m very unlikely to piss the craft goods away – after spending a night on it. So that’s one way of looking at it, an investment, if you will. Something tangible that doesn’t turn to liquid gold waste.

Reading up on Moleskine hacks inspired me to stab a needle through my new moleskin’s soft cover. It hurt. It really did but I persevered and eventually managed to carefully sew a button on it. What in the world for? Well, for shits and giggles mostly – and to loop an additional detachable bookmark on my notebook. Additionally, I plan to tie a string around a pen and loop it over the button so it can double up as a detachable penholder. For now, it’s experimental and hangs on the thread of impromptu creativity.


Its totally addictive working on my Moleskine and extremely satisfying, not to mention a great distraction from other pressing matters of daily obligations! *Aih…I WILL fold the clothes, wash the dishes and pick up the phone after I organize my craft box!* – which by the way, is expanding and proliferating faster than you can say…. “Mummy, I think I just wet myself”.


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