I swear, Moleskine is the most reiterated word in this blog…

Jingle Bells, Moleskine impels

I’m one of those people who’ll justify buying myself a present and this year, I’m  getting me the Moleskin Surprise Box : Artistic edition for Christmas for 5 good reasons:

  1. I landed a new kickarse job and subsequently…
  2. A pay raise.
  3. I’ve been a good girl this year, and as advertisers remind me
  4. I’m worth it. Totally!
  5. It will complete me. (It had me at Van Gogh) 

So what’s inside you ask? Well first off, its not a Jack in the box kinda thing (let me hear you roll your eyes). Its called a surprise box because you won’t know which style or color you’ll get until you purchase the set. Fact. Contents include:  A pocket diary, a large notebook and a large cahier – all packaged in a Moleskine box. If you know the basic 101 on Moleskines, you’d know it’s totally worth it for the price its going for. 1 x daily journal alone can go up to RM125 so its A pretty good deal for RM180 (plus 10% discount from Cziplee+ if you mention twitter upon purchase!). I’d pay full price for the box alone! Yes I’m a Moleskine whore. 

I’ve already pre-booked my surprise box. Now I’ll just have to play the waiting game till mid December. I’m hoping to get it before I leave for my Summer vacation!

F.Y.I Moleskine aficionados living outside Asia, sorry – this one is just for us!


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