London calling…


To sum up my London trip, I leave you with my moleskin travel 7 day journal. Pretty much a summation of a great break from one hustle and bustle to another. This is a travel journal that kept me company throughout my stay, with little tips and notes to prepare me for my next visit. An aide-mémoire of nice quaint cafe’s, bars, shops, markets and museums in London. If anything, the moleskin notebook was a great companion while I sat alone in the park and pubs while I killed time on my own. Love being left to my thoughts and materializing them onto paper!

Front & Back Complimentary Moleskin notebook cover
I extracted from my 2009 Red hardcover Moleskin notebook
(found in built in pocket)
– bought some postcards to decorate the front, along with
my suitcase stub and a penny for my thoughts.

First page with plane ticket, name, email (for lost & found)
and the journey begins.

One gets creative (Read: bored) on a 13 hour flight.
Apart from my travel journal companion? An itouch of course!

More doodles and jolts.


Each page is labeled from Day 1 – Day 7 and ‘notes’
for research I did before the trip with useful info & tips I plucked from the net.

A rubbish break indeed – at Camden Market.
I did a cut out from a free street newspaper cos I liked the color & Typography.

Theater ticket stubs and a free postcard.

Shopping list, budget and purchase dilemmas.

More doodle and jolts.

Flyer of Les Mis attached with double sided tape
that I brought all the way to London!
(along with scissors and sticky tape)
I found it super frustrating constantly fumbling around for the map

in my extremely overloaded travel bag so I decided
to attach it to my journal. SO much better.
Saved the tea packet (yes I’m sentimental like that),

which doubled up as a inner pocket for lose items like cards, stamps…etc
Anything quirky that caught my eye – hence the PRET serviette….

TATE – massive place. Saved the map … just cos.

Borough Market – likewise, massive and attached the map cos
its super handy to know which areas to hit for hunger pangs and cravings!

Emergency bandages with some notes on it.
(Cos my toes started to bleed from walking around town all day everyday!)

Notes and research I did for the trip (prior)
and my details on the last cover, just in case I got stopped by officers
mistaking me for an illegal immigrant. Got to be safe yo!



  1. GEEPERS YOU STILL WRITE! good on you slam (:

  2. Of course I do! Been so busy writing for work I stopped writing for myself on the blog but my moleskins are well utilized. Just started a new one in preparation for 2010! I get high just thinking about it. True story.

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