Things I have learned @ work.

Yesterday a dear friend of mine told me that I have been so consumed by work, that she feels I have lost myself in it. I laughed it off defensively but it bothered me a great deal. So I woke up this morning and decided to do something for myself and since I finally have the time to blog, I thought I’d blog about work.

Just kidding.
But honestly now, it’s been a crazy couple of months. Work is as always, all consuming. (No wait, this is not entirely about work….) As a result, friends have been neglected. Birthdays forgotten. Priorities sidelined. Music outdated. Job frustrated and the yadda’s goes on. In the short year I have been back, I have worked my arse off, although sadly, it’s still there. Upon reflection, I must say that some of the things I have learned have brought me this far (not far enough to be a dot in your vision, but a good 10 steps forward). I would never have anticipated that my work would have caused the slightest ripple in the industry so it is good all the same, to be noticed and valued for my effort, even if not by my own boss. It is great as a child, to be told by your parent that he is proud of you. It is priceless. No amount of digits on a pay slip can match that!
So its the time of the year, as fate would have it, a time of transition. The transition this time is not a geographical or romantic one. It is a professional transition that I am honestly, quite excited about. New experiences, new work, new people, new challenges, new opportunities that hopefully reignites old passions. I am thankful for the experience working with an anal boss with last minute demands and close to no regards for your personal life. A boss who is a perfectionist, with high standards/expectations and won’t take no for an answer. A boss who sets out tasks that he needed 2 weeks ago, calls you on weekends and sends you on a wild goose chase around town for white tigers as props for an event. He’s simply the best boss one could ask for. No sarcasm there. I have learned a lot of myself from him and  I thought it would be good practice to jolt it down as a encouraging reminder to be thankful for the list that’s about to unfold.
I have learned …..
  • how to detach from work…sometimes. (I don’t think its entirely beneficial to master this)
  • that independence is earned and not given.
  • that if you work with a weak link, then do the work yourself.
  • that working on weekends is a good way to stash replacement leaves for when you REALLY need to get away.
  • that friends provide great channels to network, and when it works vice versa, better yet!
  • not to get stuck in traffic between 4pm – 7pm during the month of Ramadhan.
  • that in every campaign and project, there is always room for improvement but never allow that to overshadow the chamber of success – In fact, one should thrive on it for motivation.
  • that although criticism nurtures, compliments boosts so one shouldn’t focus on the negative. (Part and parcel of being Asian is that we’ve been conditioned to listen to critics but shy away from praises.)
  • that a fully charged laptop at the start of the day is as good as breakfast before 10am.
  • that when stressed, I tend to forget my meals and go into voluntary detox. Which is a great form of diet – tho not medically recommended.
  • how delegating work is a healthy discipline one should practice more often. (It’s okay to admit being overworked rather than taking on too much and complaining about it in the process)
  • to keep a roll of toilet paper in my desk drawer, at all times!
  • that the office cubicle is still a unit of creative entrapment, however I decorate it.
  • that working at home should render no guilt as long as work is done. (Perhaps work is always associated to dread so when one is comfortable and enjoying it, one questions if one is doing it right or enough.)
  • that my gf is ever so patient, encouraging, supportive and helpful. Aside from brainstorming ideas with me, regular pep talks and acts as an “Ah Pek” to my transportation needs.
  • that I have supportive friends who attend my events and listen to my vents and rambles.
The list goes on. For all that and more, I am so very thankful and everyday is a reminder that its great to be home 🙂 Because ultimately, its what you make of it!

Got thought?

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