Let it flow

Back When….


I remember the dance floor and how it was filled with lonely people. All making various rounds to check out the ‘scene’. All hungry for sex, love, affection, attention, fllirtation, passion, pash sessions…etc. The blatantly brutally honestly desperate ones frolic around the pole on the podium in the middle of the dance floor to trashy electro pop beats. Throw in a plumber and bad lighting and you’ve got porn. I couldn’t help but noticed the preying eyes of horny lesbians , ready to put on the sleaze at a snap of a finger. Only thing holding them back is the slim pickings in the gay scene. The good ones were usually holed up at home, playing domestic goddesses. 

You think the L word is bad? Obviously you are not familiar with my gay world. I should sell my script and make my hundreds (because honestly, who needs another gay chick flick when guys can purchase ones without story lines for $9.90 at the local XXX shop) Everyone’s been around – it’s as if its a requirement to be gay, you have to be promiscious. Empty meaningless sexual flings. No exaggeration. All the hunger. So sad. I feel as though it is my duty to fly a helicopter over them and drop kitty boxes for some much needed ‘UNICEF fucking’ – as M.Cho once put it.

And now looking back, I feel so incredibly fortunate to be where I am now and to have what few can boast of. I catch myself looking at her sometimes, with upmost adulation. How I chuckle to myself when she throws her hair back and lets out an accidental snort at the end of a laugh. Then there is the way her mouth hangs open when she’s listening to something amusing. When she steals glances of me when speaking to someone to give me a quick reassuring smile and a sly wink – moments that pulsates.

I look back at Alia days. All those drunken nights. I miss them. But I’m in such a better place now. I don’t need alcohol. Its what they call a natural high. So this is a toast to those drunken nights, pass loves & hates and meaningless flings that brought me inches closer to her.

*a toast to debauched escapades*


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  1. Warp Idealistic Virgo Mystery · · Reply

    Glad for you. Hope this last. 🙂

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