Last post of 2008

As I sat on my balcony and scribbled point-formed new year resolutions into my notebook from India, I recalled the first time I ever saw a kingfisher up close. I was on the balcony sipping on tea, looking over the same view, with the much-adored inamorata. I believe I spotted the neon colored bird fluttering near the 9th hole golf course. I know that probably doesn’t sound exciting at all – but when you’ve only ever lived in cities abroad and inner suburbs in KL, you learn to only appreciate the duller sparrows and pigeons. An occasional long beak blue bird breaks the monotony. The sound of wind moving through the trees creates a different kind of ocean. The sound it makes on a windy night undulates like the sinuous muscles of a panther and even the smallest flowers on this hill I live on, has a sort of hypnotic rhythm as the breeze lifts if from its roots.

A year ago if someone told me I’d end up back home in KL working for a company called Delicious, I would have laughed and uttered “fat chance” under a breath of disbelief.

All I can say is, don’t be too quick to roll your eyes.

So where do I start? What was THE epoch-making event of 2008? I must say, since hopping between Melbourne and KL for half my life, I am feeling a sense of belonging for the very first time. Shockingly between the two, I always thought the latter would be the most unlikely. The same went with friends and family and although my friends were giggling with anticipation, my parents continue to shake their heads in disbelief that I’ve left Melbourne (the supposedly greener pasture in comparison to KL) but I have always been a stubborn child and continue to remain as adamant and dormant as a doormat – make meh!

When constantly persuaded and questioned by my anxious father, I can’t help but perform juggling tricks as excuses for staying back in KL, like ‘but the economy downturn in Australia is gonna make it close to impossible to get a decent job in the advertising industry!’. Yeah. Like I would know anything about the economy u-turn or whatever, or give two hoots about the increase in fuel prices. Yes I’m part of the can’t be bothered less minority of we-who-choose-to-live-in-the-moment-and-not-anticipate-the-unforeseen. Call me irresponsible. I just have other things more worthy of the frown etched on my face than to play fortune telling with the rest of the psychics I have for news and friends.

Not to digress, of course, if I were single, perhaps that would be different. Perhaps I would be less reluctant to return to Aus. – having been accused of “dancing” around my girlfriends, I will firstly have to say “Hell no I don’t!” and even IF I do (and that’s a very big if), it’s different this time round. I was happy even before I met xxxxx (whose name shall not be revealed) and I think that having had time to reflect on the past breakup made me realize exactly what I wanted in a relationship – or rather, characteristics I’ve opt to stay away from. Which ironically meant being with someone totally different from anyone I have ever been with – bingo.

I have to say with up-most confidence and a hint of smugness that I have no regrets whatsoever with how things have panned out for me this 2008. I welcome the New Year knowing this year couldn’t have been better and the next year is filled with endless possibilities. Its not often I say this but; hell…I am loving my life right now and I couldn’t have done it without me. Making my own decisions (I have somehow mastered the art of listening but not acting on other people’s persistent and insistent dictations) – it’s been the most liberating experience! Much more so than walking around naked alone at home. No. Seriously. I’m not kidding you. MUCH better than that.

In lieu of listing out my new years resolutions – which I think pretty much jinxes it when you say it out loud cos the expectation is planted like an ugly seed in a weeded garden, I’m going to list 10 things that made 2008 – in no significant order

1. Got my first proper job in Melbourne as a VM for MNG
– definition of “proper job”: one that requires a Tax File Number!

2. Cookie
– who gave much joy, laughter and pee stains on the carpet.

3. My trip to Philippines
– changed my heart&soul and perception of poverty&luxury forever.

4. Discovered the joy of running
– to the brief point of border addiction.

5. Visit to Sydney in Autumn
– was spiritually enlightening.

6. The break-up
– thank God for it cos…

a. I wouldn’t have otherwise known how much happier I could have been and

b. how blessed I am with such loving and caring friends.

7. My brother’s timely arrival in Melbourne
– when I needed him most.

8. 10th July
– the day I arrived to a fresh start.

9. Rozz’s weekend down from Singapore with Slanty & I
– was the most fun I had all year!

10. That night at the park
– remember remember the 1st of October


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