A time to be thankful

While those of you who are lucky to live in cities where commerce and industry are still relatively strong, and a “salary cut” means one-zero or less from a five-digit number, there are still plenty of people out there in the hollowed-out zones, the rural aggregates, the commons and suburban homes where desperation and powerlessness are deeply felt in the pocket and gullet of every person.

Its during the rough times that one truly takes a step back to detach oneself from the monotonous hamster wheel run of life and question : “so what is there to be thankful for?”

Lets not focus on what lacks shall we?
*looks down at chest and sighs*
Well you know what they say. Anything more than a handfull….

So anyway, I thought I’d make a list of things I’m thankful for (at the top of my head with no deep thoughts invested). So don’t bombard me with ” How about air?! Surely you can’t live without air!” Bah. So yes, with no greater thought invested, here’s my 15 – in no particular order.

15) I am thankful for my family members in Australia who commute home every couple of months, taking turns to bring me my list of Aussie goodies such as Fudge Vendetta, Stones Ginger Wine, Palmers self-tanner, Paw Paw ointment and S&V Chips! Oh and do place an optional punctuation mark at the end of the 7th word.

14) Cheap and absolutely sinfully delicious (mother of all things thunder thighs) local hawker food! It’s given me a reason to wake up early on weekend mornings – cos where I work from Monday to Friday, my only option is Chicken Rice vs Wonton Mee.

13) I’m thankful for my adopted family — who compose a sort of concoction of friends who keeps me focused, honest and loved.

12) I’m thankful that despite how many times my phone(s) screw up, there’s always another one that survives to pull me through yet another day. I’d be totally lost without one – somehow feel rather silenced and anxious when I can’t sms to vent about making a booboo in an article where “Tunku” is spelt “Tunky” – 3 times.

11) Borders’ wide variety of books by Vintage publishing!

10) My job which I whine about religiously on a daily basis but am secretly pleased with when I get to write such nonsense in a rewrite for a bar-menu. *giggles

eg. Frozen Raspberry Daiquiri
Rum met Raspberry at Lime Street and had a little love child. This is she.

9) Being envied for maintaining a slim physique – most of the time after licking off a packet of chips. I consider myself lucky for knowing how to hide my love saddles.

8) Meeting certain people at certain times – such opportune, such fate, such destiny, such blessings 🙂

7) Being able to move right back home to a very comfortable fully furnished apartment without having to worry about rent and noise control.

6) H&K’s last thing at night and first thing in the morning. Best minutes of my days.

5) Not going bald despite all the crap i put my hair through (with the bleaching and coloring) and more crap added on to make it look non-crappy. Yes, I do have a way with words don’t I.

4) Despite having had some very questionable fluid exchange, I am incredibly thankful that I have not once gotten a urinary tract infection — or anything else for that matter.

3) Obama taking over Bush’s spot – the most unintelligent bastard to have ever been not-aborted.

2) Geek Love by Katherine Dunn. I stand by it.

1) My determination to quit smoking by 2009. Yes, there. I said it. *counts in head: 19 days to go* So watch out. Tersh is going to be a very cranky 28 year old come January!



  1. ahhhh, i see you’re blogging irregularly regular.Don’t mind me, where on the equator are you now?

  2. K to the L. Since work involves lots of writing – I’ve neglected my blog but I really dont update for the point of updating. Only when I’ve got something worth blogging about.anonG. Are you who I think you are?T

  3. and that’s when it’s worth reading for. Erm…don’t think so. Am just a perfect stranger. =)

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