Hi my name is Tercia and I’m an alcoholic.

Just one more!


I have to admit to the fact that I am a bit of an alkie. So much so, my kidney now is like a sponge of alcohol. If you squeeze it, a bottle would fall out. And if you rub it, a genie would come out and grant you 3 types of alcohol. Yes, I have a genie alkie in me in that when I crave a drink, it would tell me the closest bar within a 3 block radius. Slitchy points out my problem with alcohol and I defend myself most often during lunch over wine or in the morning with a beer in my hand. Futile, I know….but nobody wants to admit to a weakness. 

So what exactly classifies as a drinking problem? I admit. I do drink more than the average city chick. I remember walking into Cookie Bar once for a good dose of Bloody Mary when they were still lifting off chairs from the table. Others call it an alcoholic’s liquid diet, I call it a hypoallergenic breakfast drink. I realized then that I did have a tendency to drink at odd hours but never did I think of it as a drinking hitch. Surely if I am not a depressive drinker means I am not using alcohol to sedate any pain and therefor can not be codified as one who drinks to escape? Hence not an alcoholic?


I am talking myself in circles. Much like the rim of a glass I am so habituated to. I’d probably drink this words away if they had a pinch of grey goose.

But see, this is the thing. It is not that I have been in denial. Far from it. I just have a different understanding of what alcoholism is. I classify an alcoholic simply as what it means, a dipsomaniac – someone who does not know their limit ; who drink excessive amounts of booze and end up making a comical nuisance out of themselves. I may drink regularly but I am what Slinky calls a “composed drunk”. And surely a composed drunk who knows how to handle alcohol, would not have a problem with it.


I have, in my attempt to understand this ‘problem’ of mine, stumbled across some very interesting facts about Alcohol. I think anyone and everyone who has a weakness for the bottle, should know that Ethyl alcohol or ethanol, known commonly as alcohol, is the same whether the beverage is wine, beer, or hard liquor. Beverage alcohol is a drug that depresses the central nervous system, like barbiturates, sedatives, and anesthetics. Alcohol is not a stimulant. There is no question that the person who drinks alcohol seems stimulated. Speech becomes free and animated, social inhibitions may be forgotten, and the drinker can begin to act and feel more emotional (ah, don’t we ALL relate to this – no names). But these effects are misleading; the “stimulation” occurs only because alcohol affects those portions of the brain that control judgment. “Being stimulated” by alcohol actually amounts to a depression of self-control. A principal effect of alcohol is to slow down brain activity, and depending on what, how much, and how fast a person drinks, the result is slurred speech, hazy thinking, slowed reaction time, dulled hearing, impaired vision, weakened muscles and fogged memory. Certainly not a stimulating experience!



In my effort to understand alcohol – I discovered some interesting and equally worrying facts. Did you know that female drinkers reach higher blood alcohol levels (BAL’s) faster because of less water and more fat in the body and because of differences in digestive enzymes. Women develop alcohol-related disorders such as brain damage, cirrhosis and cancers at lower levels of drinking than men. It is also known that the menstrual cycle affects alcohol metabolism in women. Women have been shown to develop their highest BAL’s immediately before menstruating, and their lowest on the first day of menstruation. This can be related to hormone level shifts. There is evidence which shows that premenstrual syndrome with its emotional and physical discomfort and de-stabilized blood-sugar levels can trigger excessive drinking by some women.

My dear ladies, I think it is time…….. to cut down on our drinks. But wine is fine …. no? Everything in dosages. I am going to be a new-born organic, wonder-oil, spirulina, Immuflora ‘lesbianam”. I’ve decided to quit smoking along with cutting down on alcohol.

Feel free to slap me if you see me holding a stick, or chugging down a bottle.
I promise, I won’t put you on my list.

Granted I wrote this two years ago but I’m now 2 years older in the same predicament and an empty list to match. Its evident I need to be slapped a lil harder.



  1. - anon.G · · Reply

    Haven’t been here for….a year? Still enjoying every posts.

  2. skybambi · · Reply

    Hey, A year is a long time. Appreciate the fact that you still bother to come back to my ramblings.T

  3. […] listed above, which makes me question the quality of friendships I surround myself with. But hell, I’m not perfect either and god knows what alcohol can do and undo. I’ve had my fair share of drunken antics that has […]

  4. Stumbled across your site and am giving you a writer/alcoholic high-5. At least we got writing to blame.

    Am loving the pics you use for your posts as well.

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