This is the 51st post of this blog and the last post of 2007! 

I can’t believe its already the end of the year. It seems like just yesterday that I wrote the last blog entry of 2006. This year flew past me like no other. I have achieve in great leaps and bounds and realised my potential. So this is a list of things that has happened in the past 12 months that is worth mentioning and remembering.

Significant and memorable events of yr.2006 (in no particular order)

  • Met Amera on the 18th of February 2007.
  • Went to my dad’s wedding to Mum Sew in Sydney. So happy for my dad 🙂
  • Got to know my extended family (subsequently)
  • Became the eldest of 6 siblings (instead of 4)
  • Started working with Visual Statement.
  • Started working at Seven.
  • Scored 7 HD’s in a year.
  • Made a new unlikely friend by the name of Shak.
  • Realised my strengths and weaknesses when working in a project
  • Got Foxtel (Best investment yet)
  • Got myself a new little puppy named Cookie!
  • Got a very undeserving tram fine (I can’t get over that a tram ticket costs more than a car running a red light!)
  • Finally gathered the guts to shave my head!~on the sides but it still counts!
  • Took a great trip with Amera to the Gold Coast (I love that place!)
  • Moved into a new apartment and my own home!
  • Realised exactly what I do not like in a guy.
  • Found the confidence in me to leave the house without make up.
  • Eating healthier home cook meals (Thanks to Amera)
  • Made a documentary.
  • Made a new friend called Rozz.
  • Graduated (forever!)
  • Learned not to meddle in my friends relationships!
  • Realised (again) that simply being nice to someone could lead them on.
  • The passing of my beloved Lola.
  • Found a new passion for Tuna! (seared with teriyaki sauce = sin)
  • Got a new tattoo (my Bambi)
  • Took many day trips out of the city.
  • Got out of the “Gay Scene” – thank god for less drama!
  • Switched from Optus to Telstra (some people don’t learn)
  • Discovered Ginge Wine.
  • Became Biba-fied.
  • Visitors from abroad: Karl, Audrey and almost, Ju.
  • Spent my first Summer in Australia.

*Will add on if i missed out on anything*


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