Xmas away from home

This is a video from Christmas at mine this year. The quality isn’t great because I used a digital camera to record it. Sounds a bit scratchy too. But all the same, good memories of good times – despite the recent loss. I actually still feel quite guilty that my grandma passed away and I was still celebrating Xmas. I couldn’t really avoid it given the fact that I was hosting a Christmas do at mine.

Well, this is a video from the day/night. Just a short clip – main focus being the turkey. We ate so much that by the end of the evening, everyone looked sick! Amera’s brother had to lay down to “stretch” his stomach. I actually enjoyed the food more after – we had plenty of leftovers and lasted us for days.


Whats wrong with me? Its new years eve and I feel absolutely crap. Can’t help but feel I’m stuck here. I’m being slightly resentful for not being able to be home this year. I don’t want to go out and party or get drunk. I don’t want to be stuck in a club full of people I don’t know and celebrate with people I don’t want to. I’d rather it be a night under the fireworks with a glass of champagne in my hand than pay ridiculous amount of money to get into an over-crowded place – which would take about half an hour or so to get one drink and I’d have to spend the rest of the night on my feet cos there would be no seats. Looking pretty on nye is like wearing your best heels to a horse race – or your new bikini to a public pool.

Then again, its the company that counts. I miss my friends. I miss home.


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