Amera booked a cottage for my Birthday from the 3rd till the 5th! How exciting! 🙂 So this is where I will be spending my first Bday in Australia in 13 years! It would be lovely to have my close friends with me but this is a great distraction from your absence – no offence. Although, we all know that I will expect a birthday SMS! Your presence will be felt.

So this place, Mirkwood Forest (as Amera told me with sincere fascination) is the same Mirkwood from the book Hobbit. This is an extract from Wiki:

Mirkwood is a name used for two distinct fictional forests in J. R. R. Tolkien‘s legendarium. Forests play an enormous role throughout the invented history of Tolkien’s Middle-earth and are inevitably an important episode on the heroic quests of his characters.[1] The forest device is used as a mysterious transition from one part of the story to another.[2]

The term is taken from William Morris, who borrowed it from the forest Myrkviðr of Norse mythology. Projected into Old English, it appears as Myrcwudu in Tolkien’s The Lost Road, as a poem sung by Ælfwine (King Sheave, The Lost Road and Other Writings:91) [1]

Interesting. And if all goes well, there will be no large spiders, mystical ghosts, talking trees and what not. Although secluded, this Cottage is located aprox. 25 mins or so from Dalyesford! Nice lakes and a quaint little town. Then there’s also Hepburn Springs. Charming little place too.

Inside the cottage is even more impressive than the name of the forest. Aside from a humble outdoor heated spa, there’s a beautiful kitchen to cook in (yes we are def whipping up some great dishes up there for dinners), a big deck to sit on for wine (which is a priority where ever I go) and…well, I’ll let the pictures speak for itself!

This is the cosey little lounge. I imagine it would be lovely in the winter with the fireplace on and snuggling up on the couch – I think it snows up there.

That’s such a clean and cute kitchen!


A clean and comfy bed
We were assured they use the ‘Finest queen size sleigh bed’
– whatever that means. How reassuring. 

Awww. How cute 🙂

We’ve been wanting to go off on a stay over rd trip for a while now and I am glad I have this to look forward to on my Birthday! 🙂 We’ll be driving to Daylesford and hanging by the lakes and cafes during the day and spending the night in that cosey little cottage. Which by the way, is gay friendly! I take it they would smile at us if we were to walk down the yellow brick road, hand in hand. Well, its nice to know they won’t throw stones at us and chase us out of their village with torches. Oh and did I mention Daylesford is a gay town? Not to be implied that EVERYONE there is gay but that its a gay getaway town. Every summer, (esp during the Chill Festival in March) the town is totally swarmed by my peeps. Amera and I will be part of that statistic. 

Quick facts

  • Population approximately 3,000
  • 108 kilometres north-west of Melbourne
  • Mineral springs.

Daylesford reflects the character of its Victorian-era heritage, when people travelled to ‘take the waters’ of the mineral springs and spas.

Early Swiss-Italian and other immigrants who settled here during and after the region’s gold rush greatly influenced the gardens and architecture, bestowing upon the town a European feel.

I’m looking forward to sampling the rejuvenating mineral waters, explore craft and antique shops, go boating on the lake, or just relax with a glass of wine and enjoy the fine dining.

Amera’s so sweet for doing this for me despite the fact that she’s trying to save vigorously for our trip to Asia in March.

Oh and for those of you msging me on facebook and msn, this is a good indicator to your question; no I won’t be back for Christmas and I can’t make it for NYE. Just goes to show how often you read my blog. Which just means, if that rationalization serves me right, you won’t be reading it now either. Ahhh well, will just have to let you guys know the facebook way.

Tercia is – not coming back to Malaysia till March!





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