Birthday Bangs

A Rite of Transition

Some dread getting older, I actually anticipate it. I don’t care much for the presents or the white hair that comes with it but it is such a blessing to be alive and to have such great friends around me. I must be an all right person because I have done quite well for myself in the friends department. At the top of my head, I can name one person who has NEVER missed my birthday since knowing her back in 1998 except for my last one (will go into that later) and the one coming up.

Carolyn! I miss you!

I don’t remember when since birthdays became a big deal for me. I suspect that since studying abroad when I was at the tender age of 14, it became a meaningful occasion for me to celebrate with my friends and family back home. I may miss Chinese New years, the occasional family vacation that clashed with my holidays but all that really mattered was being able to surround myself with the people who I cared about. I had many BBQ-do’s, many different birthday cakes and even a musical theme party of 80’s cartoon shows. I guess the only thing I could have lacked was a water slide and a piñata? Having said that though, I will not stand for water wastage and violence against flamboyant animals.

Occasionally when I go to new bars and restaurants in Melbourne, or tread down a new path and find myself pleasantly surprised with a lovely undiscovered terrain, I always put it on my mental checklist if I should ever celebrate my birthday here. But of course, with every year, the list changed and was quickly forgotten, as I never had the opportune to spend it here. This coming year is different. As the days seem to brush past me with the remnants of my increasingly prominent tan, my b day is fast approaching and I am feeling like an emotional cocktail. A lot of it has to do with the stirring residue of my last birthday experience.

Back in the days: 03
Still an alkie.
My bambi cake: 04

I was sooooo chubby that year! hahaha I can’t believe it!

One of my many B’days with Chino 🙂

Birthday: 06

My lovely friends 🙂

Before my realisation.
Birthday: 07 in Serendah

Belated 07 Bday

Amazing thai place Faizal picked 🙂

With Audrey (who as I remembered, rocked up drunk)
+ many other ppl who arrived at diff hours. U know who u are,
thank you for being there!

In all fairness, Amera’s been trying her best to plan something special for us to do together – cos she knows what a big deal my birthday is and how much I miss home. In many ways, 4th of January is just a reminder that this are some of the little changes that I will have to adapt to from now on. Despite having had a valid open ticket to fly back at my will and a very tempting offer from my dad to make it back by the 16th for a family cruise to Thailand from Singapore – I have chosen to stay on and wait till March instead when Amera will be able to go home with me. So in some ways this is a small sacrifice.

*Upon some reflection, some things are better left in the dark*


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