Even though an episode of Oprah revealed that the average human shed off a pound of skin each year, I feel like mine is a little reluctant to let go. I need to shed off my old skin. And if its a pound load that needs to fall off, I pray for it to fall off my ass. Sorry for putting that visual in your head. I bet you’re cringing in places you didn’t know muscle exist. Or as my religiously fanatic friend puts it, the Devil’s playground.

I have been feeling restless. Everyday seems like a repetition of the same old regurgitating into a new day. Groundhog day. Pull me out of the bed, off the couch and away from the television. It’s not like I don’t have much to do. Perhaps this is the first time I have been in Australia for almost 12 months and I am just a restless soul aching to travel. I hardly think Sydney and Gold Coast count.

So in a desperate bid to escape the dull city and into foreign landscape, Amera and I have been taking day trips. We have thus far, visited the not so exciting Williamstown, The Great Ocean Road (great being the distance between one end to the other) and Lorne. Next destination: Apollo Bay. One thing they all have in common? F.L.I.E.S

According to Faudz, the number of flies have doubled throughout the years in Victoria, thanks to global warming. Animal wastes do not disintegrate into the ground fast enough and so thousands of flies hatch each day. 5 flies per person. You do the math.

Indeed it seems they have been busy procreating. Good news for those residing in the cold arctic and antartic ice caps. They are the only two places in the world free from the wretched flies. Aside from the fact that they are pests and ruin perfectly planned picnics at the park and can turn a lovely sunny day into a frustrating karate street-fight, they also (you ready for this?) puke when they land. Yes you read it right. They spew!The mere thought of having fly vomit on my skin is more than I can bare! I would much rather sit naked on top of an ant hill than have one single fly walk across my bare lips!

On a less whiney note, I am celebrating my first Christmas in Melbourne and I am hosting a much anticipated Christmas Lunch at mine. Amera is of course, the Sui chef. Although she will be stuffing the turkey and making yummy guilt-filled desserts, I will be making a new dish that I came up with.

Japanese Soba noodles with King Prawns&Calamari mixed with shredded Baby Spinach and Corriander. Sauce mix: Raw garlic, Fish Sauce, freshly sliced Chilli and a dash of Japanese cooking wine, Soba sauce and Kikoman Soy Sauce.

I did a trial dish the other day and Amera and my sister loved it 🙂 But then again they might just be playing nice and giving me tip toeing compliments. I have to admit, I have not been the easiest to deal with of late. I even manage to break my door in a fit of fury one night. Scary stuff I know. I scared myself too! Anyway, moral of the story, I wouldn’t trust their feedback if I were you.

Also, a drink I will be serving on Xmas, Ginger wine mixed with frozen cubes of Apple&Lime juice, Fresh lime and mint leaves followed by a dash of fresh passion fruit pulp. *optional: slices of cucumber.

Perfect summer drink. Alternatively you can replace the frozen cubes of Apple&Lime juice with Lemonade. You can get Stones Ginger Wine at Dan Murphy’s – 750ml for $8.90

I’m trying to keep myself occupied instead of experimenting with alcohol and food. What do people do for fun nowadays? I am in need of a healthy and invigorating distraction that doesn’t involve consumables and won’t snip my plastic cards in half.


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