Indeed! I have misplaced my ability to deposit my hidden thoughts from pen to paper without having it look like a murder scene. Similar to a dying fly dipped in ink on a piece of blank paper. Making random scribbles of death. I feel like there should be yellow cones around a white outline of my skull.


A funny thing happens when you stop blogging. You lose your memory, articulation and it takes a whole lot more to start the habitual practice of blogging again. As if you’re waiting for some life changing moment. It’s almost like you feel obligated to kick start with some superb come-back entry. God forbid tho, if I do a Britney. *shivers*

Unfortunately, this is not it. No luck for any form of interpolation here.

Diving into some not so exciting news. Last semester (and indeed and truly, the last ever) was chaotic but it was the most fulfilling and enriching experience I have had so far. So this is the end of another chapter and the beginning of many to come. I have learned a great deal about myself in the past couple of months and gained a clearer idea of what I am good at and what I would like to do in the future. Although not knowing how to get there and what happens in between. Almost like flipping to the end of a book and exclaiming in some self revery …. “ahhhhhhh” without fully feeling the closure.


So here lays in front of me, endless possibilities. Like when someone tells me I’m photogenic, I’m not sure if thats a positive or negative thing.

Right now I am focused on working on a summer job to pay for my trip with Amera in March. Free lancing with Visual Statements is good experience, lots of fun and good ka-ching and as much as I would like to put my night job at the clubs as “Public Relations” on my resume, I need a steadier job to sustain my creativity, social life slash liquid consumables.

Now for a couple of point forms.

A couple of interesting things that happened to me lately:
– I scored 3 HD’s last semester
– Someone I met at Seven came up to me behind the bar and told me that I am an “amazing person” and that she “can just feel it” – logically, it must have been the alcohol. Ideally, it must have been my charisma.
Biba Academy offered me a free hair cut/dye to be their hair model.
– I bought a cute (and ex) puppy that left me broke as Tori Spelling but she’s well worth it!
– Found out that Williamstown is over-rated and def not worth a midnight drive up for a drink!
– Discovered the wonders of Ginger Wine.
– I have been tagged in my building as the “funky chick with the cute dog”.
– I broke my room door (?)
– I received a porn clip while walking through Melb Central (thanks to the wonders of bluetooth).

A list of things I’d like to do before 2008
– Send out a CD care pack for Kristy before Christmas (must must must)
– Take a day trip out of the city at least once a week (Apollo Bay is at the top of my list)
– Have the best first Christmas and NYE in Melbourne.
– Get toned and an even-tan for Summer
– Meet Luke (a.k.a Mr.Flashmob) – the subject of my documentary “The Gift” – to show him the finished piece.
– Get a job for Summer
– Detox (day 2 now)
– Drink less and in extreme moderation
– Get over my neurosis with the rapidity of the furious Kawasaki
– Make more friends (quality ones and by quality I mean ones who get me without me having to explain with painstaking footnotes).

Will update more regularly now so if you ever need some toilet read, watch this space. It will help your bowel movement.

Trust me.

Speaking of which, this is pretty much the best invention ever.


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  1. HAHAHAAHAHA I love the new invention!!

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