Spot on

My horoscope today is spot on. 

In other news: The video for the T-Swap event I organised is up on 


Been blogging my uni stuff (mandatory) at (TV2)
and (ICP)
Needless to say, I’m feeling exhausted from blogging and inevitably have neglected my personal blog.

So…. being more of a visual person anyway,
I’m just going to update my blog with my mobile pics I’ve taken since I last blogged.

In random order:
Blossom Tea that I am absolutely fascinated with (
I miss Beanie the prettiest Maltese Shitzu in the world
Two clubs I work at
Revolver – the grungiest bar/rest in Melbourne
The rainbow from my balcony
Kids playing with animals at VicMart
Having a beer at Transport (Fed Sq)
My new hangout spot at Rooftop of Curtin House (above Cookie)


One comment

  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    That rooftop place looks awesome! I wish I was in Melbourne…..That horoscope cut a little deep. Hope ur ok?- K

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