Finally watched Babel last night. The law and government is fucked up and ruled by power hungry maniacs – causing others to suffer because of their greed! Fueling its economy with violence and lack of gun control. Okay I’m sure the directors didn’t plan on spending millions to send that significant point/theme across but that is what I got from it.

Okay, poop away the anger. Here’s a list of films that make me incredibly violent.

1. Hotel Rwanda (needs no explanation)
2. Powder (Is there such a thing as too white?!? Bullies stop at nothing.)
3. Irreversible (Rapists dieeeeee!)
4. Dancer In The Dark (Such injustice!)
5. Camps of death: A Documentary (Jews suffered so incredibly much and for what?!)
6. Bambi (Hunters who kill for sport deserve to go to hell!)
7. Boys Don’t Cry (Hate kills)
8. Babel (For reasons mentioned above)
9. 9 stories (The first story of the lady in prison. I was so angry. Just fix the damn phone for her so she can talk to her daughter dammit!)

I really am quite an angry person – it keeps me real.

Anyway, I’m just going to stick to trashy TV shows on Fox<3tel (100 hottest Latinas – the chart is incredibly rigged). Wendy, Lian and I sat in disbelief as they announced Selma Hayek numero uno and Jessica Alba a shameful and undeserving 9! Are you kidding me? Ok I can feel the negativity sipping back in. Think happy thoughts…..

……..Amera and I are going to Revolver in Prahran for dinner tonight.
Yay! Can’t wait 🙂

Cozy interior and arty ambience

I am highly intrigued by the new American TV series “Kid Nation“. Have you watched it? In case you don’t know what its about, watch the trailer below.

*hint: If you want to watch it on this page, turn off the music player at the bottom*

“Forty over-achieving kids are given free reign to create their own society in this new reality-based offering from CBS. Forty kids are given forty days free of adult supervision in an abandoned New Mexico town to build a new world. At the end of every episode, the kids have a town meeting. At the meeting the kids award one child a gold star worth $20,000.”


So wrong. So very very wrong. But I want to watch it anyway.

On a more purposeful note, please watch this video from World Vision Australia!

Im having a week break so I’ll be online more often and will be apprising frequently (now that I have a brand new wireless system – thanks to Mac!). If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been active on the net cos my netgear died on me. Apparently its modem gave way and the cables snapped. She passed peacefully in idle mode. I’ll miss the ol’ girl. She’s been a great friend for the past few years. I spent 3 weeks mourning her quietus at Miss Libertine ($2 lattes and free internet).

Say hello to my new wireless modem, known in the wireless sphere at Verve as: BAMBINO


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