There are times when I notice, from the periphery of my vision, that a clouded orb appears near the kitchen. Upon closer inspection, there is nothing except the slow and untidy flapping of a paper clipping posted on the refrigerator door.

Nothing strange about a piece of paper slowly curling and uncurling…

That is, until you notice that no windows are open and there is no space for an open breeze no matter how minute. The heater/airconditioner is hardly turned on and even if a whimper were to escape its opening, it is far above and a safe distant away from the refrigerator.

There must be a gas leak here somewhere.

This morning, after I finished doing the dishes and stacked the wet plates onto the rack, I turned my back to clean up the stove. A loud clang shook the silence–when I turned around, I saw the butcher knife had mysteriously fallen out of the rack and was lying on the countertop.

There are sounds and padded steps in the night, which I believe could be my neighbours. I awake to the rustle of door knobs and the sudden closing of doors inside my apartment and I turn to find Amera fast asleep next to me. I wake up the next day to find Jackie’s bed empty and it makes me wonder in fear. What could it be?

I would much rather have the apartment broken into while I’m in bed than to have a lingering spirit stirring me from my sleep.

Amera is not going to be staying over for the next few nights and I suspect Jackie is comfortably settled at her bf’s place and won’t be back till the weekend – again.

I need to buy myself a dog.



  1. i have tried my whole life to get some other life form to communicate with me,, they never do… i say try to engage whatever it is… unfortunately,, for me anyway,, it always leaves when i do…i hate to do this… but you have like a totally different readership than i do.. and i started a new site just yesterday,, and i am hoping to make it available to a larger audience… so i thought i’d run it by you… would you mind having a look and passing on the link if you think its anything worth while??? i am really happy to hear you sounding better.. you really do… everything must be ok,, if you are having time to worry about moving paper in the kitchen…. secret…secret…i’ve got a secret….

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    if you bought a dogand your dog howled at nightwouldn’t you be more afraid?

  3. Tercia Goh · · Reply

    Paisley!My nets been down. I haven’t been able to update my blog or reply mails and when I do, its real quick for work related stuff. I’ll link your site for sure. Looks very interesting :)AnonymousMaybe I’ll put a muzzle on my dog? I don’t know. But I just need company. At least someone is there to be afraid with me and I’m not holding myself in the dark praying to God to knock me out cold in my sleep.Drama mama I so drama :p

  4. thank you bambi… you are an angel…. i miss hearing from you… but i know you’ll be back…

  5. Hey Tershie, I am about to give up on how to keep in touch with you/contact you when I need to. Not sure if you even receive SMSes if i send you any, dont know if you check your mails but u can gmail me, and i have sent you thousands of MSN msgs but never get a reply from you. So get in touch with me ok?

  6. Tercia Goh · · Reply

    Hey Chino! I’m sorry my net at home is dead so I’m hardly online 😦 May it rest in peace.Will keep in touch with you soon!Miss ya!

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