The Tempo Of Life And Its Many Shades

Music feeds my soul in which without, I’m like a fish out of a bowl. Songs are like little bookmarks that intersect important moments in my life, freeze an image and emotion, gives each memory a rhythm, a tempo, a pulse, a heart beat and helps immortalize them. So I find it necessary to attach a description of each song on my play list.

In no particular order of importance:

Just Breath by Telepopmusik (SirAric Gravity Remix)
This song accompanied me to my first road trip. Koh Samui, Thailand. I was going through a pretty rough break-up at that point and this song just reminded me to breath and instills some faith in life and all its misery. I cried to this song and sometimes still do but it always leaves me with a sense of optimism.

Inside and out by Feist (The Audience Honey Remix)
This song reminds me of the first person I kissed after my 4 year relationship break up She heard it on my stereo when she came over for dinner and she sang it to me once on the phone. For a while she put a smile on my face but given how things ended, I feel guilty now when I listen to it. Nevertheless, it reminds me that no matter how much you’ve been broken down by love, you’ll always have the ability to feel again.

Seemingly Sleepy by Late Night Alumni
I was listening to this song while tanning on Sipidan beach and marveling at the corrals under the clear seawater as the sunset reflected off it. I can almost smell the ocean when I listen to this song. Amazing.

Between the Bars by Madeleine Peyroux
It was raining; pouring and bitter cold one winter when I was walking home in a dark lane and this song started playing on my ipod. I had never heard it before and it seemed fitting the moment it filled my world with Madeleine’s haunting voice. I instantly fell in love with this song and the story it sang to me.

One Step Too Far by Dido and Faithless
This song simply reminds me of my old apartment when I used to crank up the volume and relax on my sofa with a glass of wine looking at my view of the Docklands.

Fast and Loud by Stephane Pompougnac
I just find this song extremely sexy and remember shamelessly sun tanning on my balcony in Flinders Wharf to it. This song also reminds me of certain nights – ahem.

Sea Lion by Feist
I boogie to this tune when no one’s looking!

So This Is Goodbye by Junior Boys
I thought she was one of my closest friends and I trusted her with all the beauty and ugliness in my world in which she recklessly cast away. Never again. It’s a personal dedication to a venomous friend. This song doesn’t have a bitter tone to it. It almost seems like the farewell is an inevitable one.

Whisper by Slovo
Reminds me of a brief romance stemmed from long chats, random similarities, smiles, geographical barriers confusion and elation. Now a priceless friendship

Gatekeeper by Feist
All music by Feist marks one of my best summers to date! This one especially reminds me of a 27-day beer binge with the Libsta. Melbourne’s simply not the same without you girl. Also reminds me of Kristy and I have absolutely no idea why!!

Stripped by Shiny Toy Guns
Quite simply reminds me of my little brother. We were in Europe when my little brother heard it for the first time and forced me to put it on repeat while he passionately re-enacted a pretend rock concert. So adorable!

My Man My moon by Feist
Describes frustrations in any relationship. When you break down from a fight – this is the song that describes the in between of the shortness of breath.

Silikon (Sirius Mo rmx) by Modeselektor
Unique hybrids of beats that just make me want to jump on the couch and slap my booty! I imagine this would make a great entrance for a hot chick in a crowded club (accompanied by her equally spunky sexy friends!) I imagine they would have synchronized moves on the dance floor. The chicks voice is laced with attitude. I like!

Refugee by Oi Va Voi
A song describing Jewish refugees during the 2nd world war and the feeling of rejection. Not to disparage the sufferings of refugees but this song touches me in some sense and makes me feel like an emotional refugee. Okay, don’t laugh! I’m very sensitive yaknow….

Les Djinns (Trentemoller Remix)
If I were a super hero, I would fly to the sound of this music. Swooping in and out of clouds, in between buildings, through brick walls… you get the idea. I love music without lyrics. It leaves it up to interpretation. I find this particular track motivational.

The Limit To Your Love by Feist
By now it should come to no surprise that I am a die-hard- clinging-to-the–last-branch –off-a-cliff fan of Feist. I love this song! A hungry love is one that will never be satisfied. Everyone has a limit. Makes me question when I will know when my limit is reached.

Apologize by Timbaland
A beautiful song with lyrics to match. I see my mothers face when I listen to this song.

Track 18 is just an electro remix of Feist’s “My Moon My Man” (but a bloody good one I reckon)

This Is The New Shit by Goldfrapp
Pump it up and walk down the street like you own it! The ending of this track is uber cute! Check it out.

Moan (Radio Slave Remix) by Trentemoller
The video clip is amazing. Well, most Cunningham fans would beg to differ but I like it the fact that the director chose to convey loneliness to a non-communicative creature. The sense of isolation and loneliness is thus amplified. This video was dedicated to Laika, the first living creature sent to space.



  1. Libbie · · Reply

    Life’s not the same without a friend like you!!! I miss those days where all we do is hang out and do nothing.

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    i’ve just discovered feist! god she’s great. last week i was stuck on one two three four. i must have watched the clip on youtube 5 times a day. -carolk

  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    Wow I like this playlist! Where did you find the remix’s? You have great taste in music – amongst other things =)-F-

  4. Bambino · · Reply

    Lib: We had so much fun hey? Good times…. Can’t bring it back anymore which makes it all the more precious!Carol: So excited for you! Always great discovering new artists and music. Feist is awesome. Check out “Mushaboom” featuring Snow Patrol…or was it…Broken Social Scene. Arghh….well just check for the remix of it. F: Thanks 🙂 Find rare remixes on imeem.com

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