I am currently experiencing writers block and am far too drained to rant about what I have been getting up to so I will do the lazy and rely on pictures instead. Since I do not have snapshots of me doing actual labour (imagine me slogging away in two nights pj’s hunched unattractively over my laptop with empty packets of salt&vinegar chips, mugs, papers and books enveloping me like vultures circling the dead), it would seem in the photos below that I have just been mucking about but truth be told, it has been a very stressful couple of weeks. I have yet to upload my most recent photos taken in Sydney so I will do that once I get more menial work out of the way. But in the mean time, this are pictures taken over the past 2 months and a wine night to bid farewell to two good friends who were down in Melbourne for a short visit. Amanda from KL and Karl from Bombay. Miss you two already!!

*The comics above do not reflect the best of my creative potential*

So there you have it. Images missed here would be me at a Missy Higgins concert with Amera (along with an auditorium of loyal Lesbian fans), a Miss Saigon show (what a disappointment), my shocked expression when Amera revealed ‘the portrait’ (the next focal point of my blog entry – funny story), me being thrown about in the wind on the streets of Melbourne AND Sydney (Sydney is NOT warmer than Melbourne. Do not be fooled by images of Bondi beach)….etc. Images in my next entry > me and my new extended family in Sydney (Yes I have a new mum!), walking under the rain on George Street, at the theater show of Priscila Queen of the Dessert ( *****1/2), delectable dishes at the Shang and my battered umbrella (poor girl, never stood a chance against the vicious winter).

Due to a much delayed last minute option to visit KL between 16th of June and 16th of July, suffice to say I might now be stuck in Melbourne for winter due to the popularity of Malaysia Airlines. Fully booked till July! Can you imagine that?? 😦 Someone please suggest other alternatives that won’t put a hole in my pocket. (unless you can offer an auxiliary financial source that won’t require me to stand around dark street corners).



  1. paisley · · Reply

    but by the moments which take your breath away.all the while you were gone… every day i would read your header,, and think about how you were living one of those moments right now….glad to have you back!!!!!

  2. definitely too late now.. but a month ago, MAS tickets were going off at AUD810 for a return ticket!… but spending winter in melbourne aint that bad.. a perfect excuse to hibernate throughout the day… would be doing just that if I hadn’t blown my cash on a ticket back to KL just so I could renew my passport…

  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    where’s that new home? i think my uncle stays there!

  4. Kristy · · Reply

    OR you could come to London!! Don’t like the cold right? It’s summer here hahaha. Good to know all seems well with you. Speak soon. XO

  5. Bambino · · Reply

    Paisley: Yeah it feels good to be blogging again! Its difficult to priorities blogging into my hectice life but trust that the coming 3 weeks will see me blogging religiously!Cath: Oh now you’re just rubbing it in!! :(Anonymous: Given that I have quite a few anon readers, I’d rather not indulge that kind of information here. Let’s not encourage stalkers shall we? Kristy: I unequivocally said an alternative that WON’T burn a hole in my pocket! But thanks for the suggestion anyway…lucky you. But you’ll have to admit, summer in KL is D best!

  6. Chin Hor · · Reply

    Oi!! You don’t reply any msgs! You lousy fella.. :(Did i read correctly, that you’ll be back or are supposed to be back for my birthday and Carolyn’s???

  7. Bambino · · Reply

    Chino! You’re never online! Wehn did u msg me? Lieeeessss……Im on waiting list buddy. keep your fingers crossed for me.And guess what? I saw a youtube of you playing drums at church! hahaha

  8. Chin Hor · · Reply

    What really??? Hahahaha…that’s embarrassing! I bet my Pastor put that up.Faster come home! I miss you! It’s been forever again. And I msg-ed you many times on MSN ok! Many many times. I left you msgs and all 😛 You suckkkkk…

  9. Bambino · · Reply

    You suck more! I never got msgs from you la. Seriously. Maybe one that went like thisChino says:Hi. Are you there?Chino has disconnected.———————Look familiar to you? hmmmm?? Anyway, I wanna come home toooo laaaaa!!! How?? Waiting list ends midnight tonight. Wish me luck. Else I try to fly home on Monday. But waiting list again. The only confirmation is 9th of July.:(

  10. Chin Hor · · Reply

    My msgs were definately longer than that, and with more info :PCarolyn told me last night that u weren’t coming home already, that you were only going to in December, that true? 😛

  11. Bambino · · Reply

    I wish I could say that its a surprise but unfortunately, seriously, am not! 😦 Seriously. Arghhhh!!! *wails*Flights are fully booked Chino! I hate MAS!

  12. Chin Hor · · Reply

    😥 It really will be December huh? *sigh*

  13. Anonymous · · Reply

    hi babes! i havent checked your blog in AGES! sorry! somehow im always so busy in melbourne (in a good way) but theres so much time here… thanks for the lovely wine night and awesome comic strip 🙂 you should come back.. i misshh you… coffee hut!-amanda

  14. Bambino · · Reply

    Arghh stop rubbing it in!! 😦 I wish I was coming back too. Coffee Hutt and food at Delicious….feed me feed me! I’m so deprived of food from home…sniffles.Miss u more.

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