Winter is here

My Winter Nest

Its been 3 lovely months already and a great way to welcome the gelid winter nights (it is much colder up here on the 15th floor, I kid you not!). Note to self: never rely the hands-out-the-balcony modus operandi to measure the climate and determine your attire for the day/night. Doesn’t work.

The great dichotomy between snuggling up to someone during winter instead of summer is not having to deal with the awkward discomfort of perspiring feet under the duvet. There is no need to explain ones self for adopting the habitual maneuver of wrapping ones legs around another. And when the other rubs her ice cube toes against my legs, I just have to remind myself that the sharp cold is temporary and that, as she reminds me “Baby, it’ll get warm.”

My couch once again serves its purpose as a bed during lonely winter nights when Biko’s not around. See, not many people know this but I tend to shy away from my bedroom when I’m home alone. Somehow those four walls make me feel caved in and secluded from the outside world albeit having everything else to sustain my need for mental stimulation (i.e Television, Ipod, surround sound, laptop, wireless internet, mobile phone, house phone – basically your modern-day survival paraphernalia’s).

It’s nice waking up in my earth toned living room for a change, to Melbourne’s skyline and the regurgitations of tv sitcoms. I have yet to master falling asleep to silence when I’m alone. I pop in an 8 episode straight DVD which would assure me at least 6 to 7 hours of background dialogue accompanied by the reliable laughters, sighs and gasps of the audiences in TV land. Once finished, the prolong silence wakes me up (or the annoying repetition of the musical theme) and I fumble for the remote and hit the play button for another 6 to 7 hours of “tranquil” sleep. I think its a neurosis. I can’t be alone for too long. Especially when the night sets in. Did I mention I’m better known amongst my support group by my epithet? “The Queer Bambi”. For one reason more so than the other.

It’s just that I have this need to drown out the thoughts in my head before slumber – even if it means falling asleep to late night t.v commercials of revolutionary steel cutting kitchen knives. Those would be my nights without Biko. And when I do get to nuzzle up to her, I’m reminded how lovely and fortunate it is to be able to snuggle up to someone, and not just anyone, during blistering cold winter nights. It is currently, my favouritest past -time!



  1. paisley · · Reply

    i live 24/7/365 with my tv on TCM… i rarely look at the television… but it is a comfort to have it there….you sound happy… and that is so nice to hear in written inflection…….

  2. Bambino · · Reply

    Oh you do too! Isn’t it amazing how it can provide some comfort and a sense of security by serving as a form of companion and a reminder you are not alone?And yes, I am very happy 🙂 One should be so lucky to have health, food, a home, family, friends and above all, love.

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