Tiramisu, coconuts and crotch grabs.

Slanty is back in Melbourne and just in time to celebrate her return and G Man’s birthday. Night started off with beer and cocktails at Cookie with a surprise Tiramisu cake from the Crown Bakery on Swanston.

Headed off to Safeway after and back home with coconuts (?) and the usual ingredients that go with Mojitos (in lieu of the traditional mixes, we added Lime Fizz with a base of Apple. It was yum!) Then of course, when the alcohol kicked in, we mixed in whatever the hell tastes good. Such as wine and thanks to leonie, a quarter bottle of Absolute Vodka in the Mojito.

101 ways to drink a coconut

G man with the lovely Biko
Biko, G-man and topsy turvy Slanty

I’m the only sober looking one of the lot!

The 4 drunkettes at Verve 501

Biko could star in the next “Return of the Drunk Exorcist “

Legs go flying, head goes heavy.

On the other side of town, tit pinches makes faces go squigy.

Whisper whisper

Being an alcoholic is not all fun and games, it’s a full time job.
One which we take very seriously.
(amateurs don’t try this at home)

It’s harmless when you drink in small dosages,
but take it from the sifu that you should never exceed your capacity.

Because this is what happens if you think you can handle your alcohol….
Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!
And so the night ends quite peacefully and all the 4 drunkettes had a very good nights sleep *cough*. Needless to say, they lived drunkily ever after! Kudos to G Man for making it to Uni and Slanty who jumped into bed and boob grabbed my girlfriend!

*tst tst*


  1. grabbing is so much funnnnn!!it’s one of my hobby.come back!!!!!

  2. Bambino · · Reply

    No…… YOU come here!You just wanna grab G-man’s crotch u lil fairy. hahahaha

  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    I like your blog because of all the eye candy! What a good looking bunch – come to Singapore for a good time ;)- candy addict

  4. Anonymous · · Reply

    I want that Gypsy for Mondays to get me out of the blues. That dude can cook for me from Tuesdays – Thursdays. The grabber can grab mine any day. And you, I save you for the weekend cos that’s when the fun begins!Let’s get our schedules out and make this happen ok?>.<K

  5. Bambino · · Reply

    Oi oi what’s all this anonymous bs. Who is Candy Addict and K? I can name 3 K’s. Which one are you and you better not be the third one…

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