The Cook Off

The cook off, The challenge and The Execution.


So G-man has stepped up to the challenge claiming that he’s a better cook than Gypo the chef. My taste buds are bias but even so, last night after having G-man’s rack of lamb, I have to say, it is a tough decision to make. 

Here we have Mr.Macho Teddybear
(a.k.a “Ruggedly Handsome”)



G-man showing off his “guns”

G-man busy at work slicing them cucumbers.

Serving it up G-style. 

*Drum roll please*

And oh look! He cleans too!
And yes ladies, he’s single 😉

Then now we have the lovely Princess Amera of GC.
(a.k.a Biko my gf)

As if to say “Haaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeey!”

What a natural.
I swear, I hate capsicum but she makes it delicious.
*unbias judge ruling*

Pity you’ll never know just how good it tastes.
Aside from the lucky few we’re inviting for a dinner party.
*please send bribes to home address
between 9am-5pm Mondays to Thursdays. Thanks*

Look at those arms at work…..
and food.

There we have it, another amazing night of lovely cooking and company!

Who will take home the throne of Chef de cuisine?

Oh I don’t know. Decisions decisions decisions.
I guess I’ll have to drag out the cook off’s because they just taste THAT good.

And in case you think I didn’t make anything, I made the Mohitos!
*correction: Mojito*



  1. mmmmmm the munchers are looking wicked…im bout to take a bite outta all 3 of you yummehlishous cooks…and digest you with beers and a ciggie

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    it’s spelt mojito, my dear

  3. ooo the man is yum

  4. Anonymous · · Reply

    3 hotties under one roof. Yum yum.Leave the dishes aside tersh, there are bigger fishes to fry….SIZZLE!-net

  5. Bambino · · Reply

    Kev he’s straight but bet you can bend him your way. He’s already half way there afterall!-Net!??

  6. Bambino · · Reply

    p.p.s L: You can down HIM with beer but leave me lady alone u closet! Hurry la back home 😦

  7. hahhaha…you mean i get the sausage but not the 2 tacos…screw this im just taking the bike…will be there soon my dear…-licks

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