Food Glorious Food

Look what the Chef whipped up. 

Her own concoction mind you…. don’t “pway pway” hor.

Would love to share the recipe with you but I can’t remember the ingredients. Might as well anyway cos I don’t think she’d appreciate me giving them out like cheap take-away pamphlets.

I swear she’s spoiling me rotten.

It’s nice living so close to Victoria Market now that its within spitting distance to get fresh fruits, meat and veggies. Not to mention a stone’s throw away from Uni and 2 blocks away from Melbourne Central. Right smack boom bang in the middle of the city! Talk about convenience and luxury and all the frills that come with it. Yes please! Sigh…. I forgot how much I missed living in the city.

On a totally random spurt, this is a recent conversation I had with Farah:

F: i don’t think he’d care, but still, i didn’t mention anything about you being lesbian

T: i dont care who knows im gay, seriously.
im so out.

F: *shrugs* i dunno, man, i think you’re so gay it’s overwhelming

T: how do u know trevor??
im so gay im overwhelming?!?!

F: he’s my junior here… we play basketball together

T: god thats a first!

F: lol well it’s rather obvious you’re gay!

Well, there you have it. Its so obvious. So the next time a guy hits on me, I’m going to say…. “Hey, its so obvious I’m gay. You should be overwhelmed!”



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    hey tooshies… slinky linky here! i likey the meals that amera’s cooking for you! ask her to bake then maybe when i meet her, we can SWAP RECIPES and cooking secrets. . . hahaanyways, your blog about city living is making me miss melbourne a whole load. . . and yayy new company to vic market + groceryshopping 😀 gawd, so grandma. . . anyways, glad to hear youre happy!oh go to youtube… and search for girls out loud (its some singaporean show leo got me hooked) and we both think that roz is a teeny bit like you in some of her reactions. MWAHHHHH xoxoxox.

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    it doesn’t what she cooks. i’ll eat it. you lucky thing. peace, ck.

  3. Bambino · · Reply

    Oh ur both such food whores!!!hahahaha

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