Sexual controversy

It has been a rather slack week for me at Uni thanks to nefarious influence, good cooking and a new vice to 2pm cuddles.

On a more positive note, I started my internship with “Visual Statements” yesterday and it was truly exhaustive. However, that did not deter me from rushing over to Bimbo’s on Brunswick Street for a good hour and half before rushing back to Crown to detach the deco’s and then, (as if to challenge my stamina) rushed back to Brunswick again. Had a couple more drinks at Ginger Bar with Amera and Garth. Nice place but I find that the menu has mysteriously minimized. Apparently they don’t use Corriander anymore so that bisected the menu. *shakes head*

Yesterday’s event that we catered for was for a VIP Toyota launch for the F1. In two weeks time we’ll be setting up the venue for Ferrari and then Volkswagon the week after. What I’m truly looking forward to is the Loreal Fashion Festival in late March. Hopefully I’ll be working backstage *ahem*

In other areas of further importance, I was talking to Kevin and he asked me,

“didja know?”

He then sent me this link.
If you can’t be bothered to go there. Here’s a synopsis.

The title pretty much sums it up so there’s no point in me recapitulating the facts.

What kind of 1970’s George Michael bullshit is this? I’ve heard of discrimination but this is just bullocks. Rejecting a patron based on their sexual preference. How damn shallow can you be? Would the presence of a masculine female make man uncomfortable and not want to stay longer because of the visual distraction? Afterall, it is a well known fact that men spend more money at bars and clubs buying drinks for woman. So God forbid, the venue would lose revenue if gay people started shaking their booty there!

And if you are to discriminate someone purely based on their appearance, why stop at Tomboys? Why not discriminate the Mats? Chinks? Kelings? Maggots? Fags? Hags? Dykes?

Poor people. Ugly people. Overtly rich and spoilt people. Badly dressed people. Smelly people. People with anchovies/cheese breath. “Your hair is ugly, out! Your socks don’t match, ewww! One eye’s bigger than the other, freak!”

What kind of 3rd grade bar is this seriously? Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. I find it extremely insulting as a fellow rainbow-hugger that some convicted sex offender could easily walk into a bar unnoticed as we, the rainbows, get the boot simply because we’re gay. I feel like Cyanna is treating gays like how the whites made the blacks sit at the back of the bus. Those who discriminate ought to suffer draconian punishments!

Cyanna bar, yaknow what? I’m gay and I’ve been to your bar and didn’t like it anyway.


I boycott!


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