I’m not big on flowers……. 


…..but this is sweet.
I guess V Day 07 isn’t such a disappointment afterall.
Thank You Thank You Thank You

p.s I feel so girly next to flowers. I look it too! Oh and that’s my bed hair. Hot eh?



  1. Victims of consumerism!!!:)But I agree… Vday ain’t so bad afterall 😀

  2. Hahah. Yeah that’s cos you finally got what you want! :)Congrats babes. V happy for u.

  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    happy valentines day! i don’t think much of it either but me and M celebrate on March 14. we need some occassions to spicen things up a little 🙂 nice dinner. . . some gifts. . . maybe flowers. . .of course im missing you. havent really seen/hung out in you for ages. i saw jemma at my lobby and i was like wow.. such a weird summer, this is the second time i’m seeing you as opposed to 1000 times last summer.its okay, youre near to me now. no excuses. you can be my ipoh jaya kaki! hehe + house wine sessions of coures. update me soon on whats going on. . . i hope all is good there babes! will let you know when m coming back, still sorting out work visa. XXXX amanda

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