My frenetic life has filled a lacuna in my blog and it took Slanty to point it out to me 2 weeks ago. Coming from Slanty who never really reads my blog (either that or does it quietly like most people) – are you afraid to admit that you care about me!?!

Anyway, I’m back in Melbourne once again. Since I last blogged:

I went up to Serendah with Jade and Karen, celebrated my bday there with them, had a tropical rain shower, skinny dipped for the first time, had Mohitos in the forest, had a great post-bday dinner at Basil with good friends, had a last goodbye balcony dinner do, packed and shifted into the heart of the city, had a hair cut, took a road trip to Daylesford, kayaked, gone to the beach, tried to stay up till 4am to get fresh oysters from Footscray (objective word being “tried”), played Badminton, gymed, gone on drinking binges and discovered new cool bars in Brunswick, gone to one of the coolest undiscovered tram stops in Melbourne, got hooked on TopChef – which inadvertently sparked the need to mess up the kitchen and dish up mod cuisines. Once again I would put my American Citizenship to good use and vote for Sam – if I had one. It’s frustrating not being able to vote in The States especially when so much from that country influences the world.

I miss: Ringgit. Food. Cazza. Slanty. Slinky. Faiz. Arif. Coffee Hut. Sake Sushi at The Curve. La Bodega’s Mohitos. Family. Gemma. Vintree. Audrey’s crazy driving. Snorkeling in Sipidan.
There’s more but it’ll come to me.

New craze/craves: Scrubs. Ginger Bar’s Wasabi Kaprioska. Gypsy Bar’s Apple Sour White Yoke. Soft Shell Crab hand roll at Chocolate Buddha. Chilli Squid with Pomegranate Malasis (spelling?) sauce at Cookie Bar. Lez night at Eurotrash (Blonde on the rocks). St Jeromes Salsa nights on Tuesdays. Top Chef Season 2. Home made Oyster Kirkpatrick. Fishing. Home steamboat. Japanese Seaweed. Camping. Badminton. Miniature Golf. Go-Kart.

*Is it a worry that I mentioned over 4 different bars and 3 different drinks in this short blog?*

Will update again with more visuals. Right now I’ve got a stomach to feed!



  1. Chin Hor · · Reply

    Miss you Tersh! 😦 Sorry we didn’t spend time with each other this time around. Sigh…

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    i miss slam more ): and im sorrier that i didnt spend time with you this round…-BIGGER SIGH xxx slanty

  3. Oh you two…. I know you couldn’t have helped it. We were both traveling all over hardly in the same area let alone same country. No excuses next time round. I’m staying put in KL and Singapore.MISS U MOREST!

  4. Anonymous · · Reply

    excuse me,it’s egg white not white yolk…ehunless that’s the name of the drink?i dunno..-yl

  5. HAHAHAHA. omg I’m such a duffus. White Yolk. What was I thinking? *Walks into a pole*

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