Last Post for 2006

“Fresh remembrance of vexation must still enkindle rage.”
This post is inspired by Karen’s “Last Post for 2006”

Significant and memorable events of yr.2006 (in no particular order)

* Another great NYE with the Delicious crew
* Moved into new Condo in KL and Melb
* Met my mother in KL
* Bonded with Stepmum in Serendah
* Shishah/wine night with Shah and the girls
* Went out with Kristy and Dana (alot)
* Returned to Melbourne and ventured into “the scene”
* Made friends with Tay, Teary and Sarah
* Took a road trip to Daylesford
* Fell for Jamie
* Fell out with Tay, Teary and Sarah
* Had 2 meaningless flings that became too much of a hand full.
* Met a Vancouverite who taught me a thing or two about myself.
* Continuous Thursday nights at Alia/Girlbar/Bimbos/Glassy
* Audrey leaves Melbourne along with Beanie
* Started working at Blink Bass Lounge
* Renkindled an old friendship
* Went to my first sex toy warehouse
* Endless days of sun tanning infront of the State Library with Slanty, Slinky, Slazzy and Slitchy.
* May 13th: Jamie ❤ (followed by a string of dramas with the lesbos)
* Drank 27 days in a row with Libbie
* Libbie left Melbourne for good
* Actually learned and enjoyed Uni in semester 2
* Lots of house sessions
* Got to know Wendy And Lian better
* Had a massive fight with my sis
* Drove into a stationary car
* German sausages at Victoria Market
* Watermelon Crush Boost Juice
* Frisbee with the girls
* Took a trip to the Island of Sipidan
* Traveled to Europe
* Touched a Camel for the first time
* Fucked up with J followed by a string of break-ups and make-ups.
* PS2 craze
* The Nanny, 3rd Rock, Family Guy, Little Britain on DVD
* Crown Casino
* Lots of ticket fines thanks to Flinders Wharf management
* Lots of great anniversary gifts thanks to Jamie
* The night I Walked back from work at 3am in the morning and met a friendly stranger.
* The night at the dome at Bimbos
* The day Ed met his first love
* Cookie Sessions
* I finished a 2,000 word essay within 24 hours and scored a Distinction
* Got my Margaret Cho DVD box set back
* Chipped my tooth
* Philosophical debates on the front lawn
* Blew my budget (over and over and over and over)
* Sunday Brunches at Pancake Parlour
* Admitted my mistakes
* Learned from them
* The title above refers to my one and only regret all year which is on my list of “significant events”
* Tapas
* Learned how to cook Confit Duck Pasta
* Quit Beer
* She cooked me breakfast 🙂
* Pacific House
* Tried to learn French
* Made a short film
* Bonded with my father
* Met his new girlfriend
* Made the most costly and emotional phone call
* Developed a new found love for cooking
* Learned to Love (vice versa)

This pretty much sums up my year. Might not make much sense to you but its contributed to who I am today. What a great year!



  1. U forgot about scrubs!

  2. Found out that love does not end; it evolves.Found value in yourself.

  3. Scrubs! You’re responsible for getting me hooked on it!And yes Audrey, more words of epitome!

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